GDC 07: PSP will realize its potential this year

Sony recognizes the potential of the system, and promises that in May, they will be revealing some more exciting news. "The promise is there ... [yet] we're well aware of the market realities." What specifically the PSP will be evolving into is still unclear, but it appears as though downloadable media and PS3-style Network features are in the works.

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Azurite4242d ago

Hope they make it possible to play PSP-games on TV through the PS3.

RelloC4242d ago

You already have 99% of the PSP games on your TV then.

Azurite4241d ago

Hope they make Final Fantasy Tactics Shshi Sensou for PS2 then :)

BoneMagnus4242d ago

I think part of the PSP's problem is competition with the other forms of entertainment - these boards for instance.

When I'm away from home, I don't have much time to play anything - when you look at ipods, the internet, movies, TV = there is so much out there.

When I am at home, I want to play a console - not a handheld. If I had more time, I'd get a PSP today.

I do think that part of the success of the DS, in addition to its definite appeal to a kids, is that it has games that can be had in small chunks. I can go through a few rounds in Ages of Empires in 15 minutes, save and move on with whatever.

All that said, if they can nail down FPS on the PSP, look out - people will flock to it like its a Wii.

cuco334242d ago

personally, my 2 cents for what it's worth:
PSP's problem is lack of must own games. it's been out for what, a year or so and i've only played about 3-4 quality titles out of allllll the ones i've tried. a lot of them frustrate me and makes me wish i owned a ds/ds lite. its great that it can do music and video and web browser... but it's doing too much and not focusing on the main emphasis of what the psp is, a portable game unit. 'jack of all trades, master of none'. even upgraded to play homebrew games, i find myself playing custom games rather than the titles i purchased.
on another note, my cousin got his step son a psp for his birthday and a few games. he's a gamer like me but doesn't do online, not even multiplayer. he's a single player kinda guy unless it's sports with someone who's in the same room. he was shocked to know the psp he had required an update to a newer version in order to play some games. that can cripple one's view on the system. i'm still waiting for a killer app, that isn't a hacked away port for my psp. that's just me