Uh-Oh - Resident Evil 5 leaked online

XboxInsider Writes: Just like Halo Wars, The highly anticipated Resident Evil 5 has now been leaked online. The game is set to release at retail on Friday the 13th March, so the leak is 10 days early, bad news for Capcom. The US release (Which is region free) was leaked by the group "KFC", and again weighs in at about 7gb. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Developers/Publishers and Reviewers need to have tighter security when it comes to these games gettting leaked.

PLEASE NOTE: XboxInsider does not approve of piracy, and for that reason we will not promote the filename of the download.

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GrieverSoul4217d ago

Even in piracy Microsoft has timed exclusives! XD

Sorry, coulndt resist it!

TOO PAWNED4217d ago

"PLEASE NOTE: XboxInsider does not approve of piracy, and for that reason we will not promote the filename of the download. " - sure you don't, but you made sure to make aware 1000s that there is a torrent out there.

Glad that PS3 can't be hacked.

Marcello4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

Well CapCom thats the price of going multiplatform, Xbox360 owners can now get your game for free, whilst your loyal PS3 owners will pay for there copy. Not a great start for the debut of RE on XBOX

@Grieversoul, yep you said it exactly right, one way or the other M$ gets there exclusive. I got a feeling CapCom wont see it that way thou.

I am waiting for the PC version althou that can also be pirated which isnt good either, the PC version should be by far the superior version

decapitator4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

haha, i laughed at your comment Griever because as funny as it may have been there is actually some truth to it. Pirates win again I guess.

Anyone know when the PC version will be dropping ?

animboo4217d ago

lol bubbles for that..
the pirates are really fast when it comes to 360 games.
we might be seeing a shift of game piracy from pc to xbox 360.
there will come a time that piracy in 360 is so rampant that it would destroy its reputation as a viable console for devs to make money.

Kushan4217d ago

"Well CapCom thats the price of going multiplatform, Xbox360 owners can now get your game for free, whilst your loyal PS3 owners will pay for there copy. Not a great start for the debut of RE on XBOX"

That's a ridiculous thing to say, if people could pirate on the PS3, they certainly would and in the same numbers that people pirate on the 360.
Besides, the 360 still sells as much software as the PS3, so Capcom haven't really lost much of anything.

Foxgod4217d ago

@too pawned, the ps3 will be hacked too, its a matter of time.
Some guy already dumped a decrypted file table of an 80 gig ps3 hd on the net, sooner or later they will probably use that to run unsigned code straight from the hd.

That would result into an iso loader, so dont fool yourself, no console has ever been unhackable.

thereapersson4217d ago

Keep dreaming, dude; That HDD dump was exposed as fake.

Game13a13y4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

this is exactly the time that i'm glad PS 3 utilizes Blu-ray technology. first SF IV, and now RE 5, and then Lost Planet 2, the list goes on and on...

Kushan4217d ago

thereapersson: Actually, it's REAL. The "fake" article was posted by a competing PS3 hacking site. This is the real reason the PS3 has taken so long to hack, the people doing the hacking are too busy fighting amongst themselves to do anything productive.


Tutorial on how to decrypt a PS3's HDD. Piece of cake and relatively simple to do, actually.

Foxgod4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

It isnt fake, some lamers claim it to be fake, still, and i wouldnt rule out that the ps3 will be hacked sooner or later.
Afterall they already made an iso loader to boot ps2 iso's on the ps3.

And like i aleady said, no console was ever unhackable, because security, no matter how strong, is never 100 %, its impossible to make something 100 % secure.

thereapersson4217d ago

hah, I didn't know in-fighting was as bad in the hacking circuit as it is in the videogame fanboy circuit. Go figure, eh?

Darkiewonder4217d ago

Foxgod you make it sound like you know it's not fake. How do you know the decrypt file is real anyways?

Foxgod4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

Yeah, theres some jelousy going on, its a personal achievement to release a certain exploit, or hack, or even to release a game faster then somebody else.

Thats why hackers are constantly monitoring and backtracking each other to see if their releases/exploits/claims, etch are legit.

Even if someone else his release is not properly patched, or doesnt include proper information, they "Nuke" it, basically a "nuke" ruins somewhat of your reliability as a hacker.

I know its real because i read opinions and reports of hackers that are considered to be more reliable, then the ones that claim its fake.

Its not a problem at all to download ps3 games, most are about 14gb big (mg4 is 20 gb), and can be downloaded off torrents, as soon as the ps3 is hacked, all you have to do is hook a hd to your pc trough usb, put some games on that hd, then put the hd in your ps3, and boot the games off the hd.
Easy to do, and no problem at all.
A lot of HD movies are already about 15gb big, and those can easily be downloaded.

Marcello4217d ago

@Kushan, it may seem a harsh thing to say but its the truth & yes if PS3 was hacked then they would be doing it too but they cant Sony made sure of it thats one of the reasons why they didnt rush to release the PS3 & even it does get hacked your still forgetting that Blu-Ray burners and disc`s are still very expensive not too mention a massive download.

Dont think that CapCom will be thinking oh not to worry we will still sell as many copies on 360 as PS3 cos they definatly wont be thinking that, the fact is ppl are now stealing there work all because M$ rushed there machine to retail, instead of making sure it was secure and didnt have any quality design defects but thats another huge story thats not going away, i dont think i need to say it we all know wat it is.

qface644217d ago

even WHEN the ps3 eventually gets hacked what good will that do when you got games as big as 25 gigs and some pushing 50 gigs (mgs4)
people won't really be able to get the games the way you can just get on PC and 360
you would still be able to get the more smaller games though the multiplats

the way i see it at least

Professor Chaos4217d ago

PS3 was hacked. It is just harder and more expensive to do.

Cicinho4217d ago

Getting it now and it doesn't need ixtreme 1.6 to play it :D

DominusRebellis4217d ago

Why download and steal it? It only costs $70 you cheap hacking, downloading, thief [email protected]! You're the idiots making the gaming industry go downhill

rpgenius4204217d ago

I got this! Currently Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X and MLB 2K9 are available yet not playable. I guess it was announced that iXtreme 1.6 firmware would be releasing shortly to enable these games as they contain a split vid 3 area on the disc for the nxe update. Enough of this and back to some Killzone 2 beotch's!

PSN ID: xcowboys4lifex


Professor Chaos4217d ago

Call.of.Duty.4.Modern.Warfare. USA.PS3-PARADOX - This is just one of many. I dont go around saying anything I cant prove, or back up FYI. I have a friend who has a modded PS3. The reason it is not widespread is becasue it takes FOREVER too download a 48-50gig game.

likedamaster4217d ago

"this is exactly the time that i'm glad PS 3 utilizes Blu-ray technology. first SF IV, and now RE 5, and then Lost Planet 2, the list goes on and on..."

Yet, the xbox360 destroys the PS3 in software sales... Devs know it is still a good thing to join the xbox platform.

It goes back to the ps2 days where ps2 was far easier to mod than xbox where anyone can copy a ps2 game(rental) and play it on their modded ps2(me) and yet Devs used to still develop for it. In this case, benefits far exceed losses from piracy with xbox360.

umair_s514217d ago

This is indeed a very sad news, Devs works day and night to make games only for some pirates to steal their efforts and sell them even before the game is launched.

Pirates have no moral values.

DominusRebellis4216d ago

where's Peter Pan when ya need him!?

tatotiburon4216d ago

and xbox 360 version will outsold the ps3 version as always...and you bashing capcom? LMAO

pixelsword4216d ago

...yet another reason why the 360 and PC gaming should go blu.

Brawler4216d ago

I love how ppl complain about piracy but how many ppl have hacked the psp or ds. almost everyone i know who has a psp has it hacked why not its easy and takes like a min to do ds just as easy u buy a flashcart. wii is also easy as long as you got z:TP and a sd card bam you wii can be hacked to play backup wii games and gamecube games now to.

Im not going to lie i have hacked my wii,ds,psp even if a ps3 was hacked i wouldnt do it cause you have to look at the risks involved ps3 cost 659.99 on launch not worth to hack a machine that could never work again if it goes wrong or u get banned from online.

GameGambits4216d ago

There is one way to make something unhackable in terms of consoles. If the console is tampered with, make a program auto fry everything in the console. If someone tries to remove that file that can do that to people who tamper with it, then make it auto do it.

Why would you tamper with something that blows up right? :D

zag4216d ago

@Professor Chaos

The PS3 isn't hacked and there's no mod for the PS3 anywhere other wise it'd be all over the place.

Paradox has been releasing PS3 games from the start but you can't do anything with them, because you can't boot up a burned Blu-Ray game on the PS3, it's been tried on the 1.60 firmware the newer firmwares wouldn't allow that either.

DOwnloading the pirated disks is pointless as your just wasting HD space for a "one day" thing to happen.

Argento-Nox4216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )


A hack for the PS3 could be bad for the 360 with regards hardware sales. The psp hasn't sold a great deal of software but it's sold 50 million units.

Even if the 360 sells well for software, it could do more without the piracy. Capcom isn't eactly going to shake MS's hand for sales when they have an issue with 360 piracy.


The PS2 sold/sells more software because it has over 140 million pieces of hardware on the market, most of which don't know how to hack it. That's a userbase that xbox never had the luxury of having, resulting in most exclusives going to the PS2 which people are more likely to buy or rent.

The 360 isn't destroying PS3 for sales of most multiplatform games unless it was a time exclusive for the 360 first. Look at the numbers of GTA4, Fallout 3 etc., then take into consideration that the recent Tomb Raiders game sold better on the PS3.

The PS3 actually has a better attach rate for certain multiplatform games like GTA4. You should also note that EA, Ubisoft, and Bandai-Namco, three of the biggest game companies in NA/Europe/Japan respectfully; have mentioned that the PS3 was their breadwinner in 2008.


What's your point other than the obvious? You make it sound like 15 gb files are small when that's like two 360 disc, oh my mistake, I meant 3 disc with the 360's 7gb limit per dvd. You would be somewhat correct if you mentioned that a much larger harddrive can be freely swapped into the PS3, unlike the 360's crappy proprietary harddrives.

The PS3 uses blu-rays too costly for outright piracy and no doubt a software update would make it difficult to hack the PS3 a second time. Hacking the PS3 is costly and too time consuming for most people to do. The 360, however, is much easier to exploit with most games coming on a single dvd. Assuming the PS3 hack is true, Sony's still succeeded in doing what all other game systems (DS and PSP included) haven't been able to do this gen, being hackproof for over 2 years consecutively.

FarEastOrient4216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

Capcom you should have the price of piracy calculated into how much Microsoft pays you. Since they are not taking actions to fight against it.

There is nothing wrong by playing Nintendo games on my PSP! I kid, but hey it works and playing with Mario on Sony hardware is even better.

y0haN4216d ago

Has anyone got a "friend" who has downloaded it and can tell us what it's like?

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pwnsause4217d ago

"the US release (Which is region free) was leaked by the group "KFC", and again weighs in at about 7gb."

Oh gawd, the irony, KFC, Racism, RE5 and Piracy. Seriously is it just me detecting racism, or is it just a coincidence?

qface644217d ago

lol holy crap i just realized that right now lol
im giving you a bubble for making me laugh

zag4216d ago

lol, I bet Capcom is spewing that it wasn't PS3 only now.

What the hell!? KFC now means racism?

Here it's a take away joint.

pwnsause4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

go to google, type RE5 KFC, and presto, a RE5 Torrent: whats funny is the torrent leads to the pirate bay. even SFIV is up there for the 360 version by the KFC group. thats not good...

qface644217d ago

i just noticed if what a previous article that said re5 is about 7 hours long is true that's 1 hour for every gig lol

MorganX4217d ago

Don't you need a modded Xbox 360 to run it? If so, not many people have those. Only hardcore modders like some of the people here. Probably a negligible number. Capcom probably doesn't care that much at this point.

Now, if it can run on an un-modded 360 that's a different story.

DevilsJoker4217d ago

Yea your probably right, plus i dont have dvds that can hold 7gb anyway, only 4.2 gb ones, so really its not a huge group of people who can pull this off.

pwnsause4217d ago

its not good for Pirate Bay who are currently in court.

silvacrest4217d ago

your crazy if you think its only a small amount of hardcore modders so no need to worry.

its easy enough to mod your 360 now a days and if you do the research and if your to lazy to do it your self there are so many people offering to mod a 360, cheapest i saw was £20 which included return delivery

any fool can pay for it to be done, then all you need to do is burn a downloaded iso

my point is, its not only the "hard core modders" who wanna save money/steal

MorganX4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

#1 modding your Xbox 360 voids the warranty. Non-hardcore users, will not do this. There are probably a rare few.

#2 Not aware of modded 360 making a significant dent in XBox sales. If they did, someone would be in court.

#3 The very word mod says hardcore-only to me.

#4 You can't play on Live! with a modded Xbox. So scratch all those folks. Yeah, some mods have a switch, but you just reduced the number of people willing to go through all that to steal a game they can't ever put on Live! Again, minimial number. For now anyway.

Take the very small number of hardcore gamers with modded Xboxes and you have an insignificant issue. Out of that number, you're only talking about the portion of those that can download and burn 8G ISOs. Most modders can, but not even all of them can/will. If there was a significant number of modded 360s, enough to effect software sales, consoles would not be able to survive and Microsoft would still be suing.

I stand by my assertion that there is such a small number of hardcore users with modded Xbox 360s that it's a non-issue. I doubt MS or Capcom react at all.

I'm only speaking for America, perhaps where you are it is a different story.

silvacrest4216d ago

i'll run down your list and prove my point

1. "modding your Xbox 360 voids the warranty"
not any more, if you did a bit of research you would know how easy it is to get around that

2. "Not aware of modded 360 making a significant dent in XBox sales. If they did, someone would be in court"
so if someone doesnt tell you its a significant problem, it isnt? theres no evidence to show that it is or isnt a big problem so that point is moot

3. "The very word mod says hardcore-only to me"
how about flash or upgrade? my point is, a name isnt gonna stop those who are interested in getting there 360 "upgraded"

4. "You can't play on Live! with a modded Xbox"
again, yes you can, theres nothing stopping you from going online, ofcourse you do this at your own risk from getting banned but most 360 ISOs have "stealth" so you wont get banned but its not 100% but the option is there

i cant say if this is a big issue or not but to ignore it is stupid.
people can get someone to upgrade there 360 for £20 and then get the latest games for as little as £5 each, no need to download all the time. to say it only applies to the hardcore isnt correct either when any noob can get it all done for cheap on ebay

i think its a bigger issue then you think but i dont have proof but neither do you

MorganX4216d ago

Just reading your post and all the workarounds for the non-existent roadblocks is making me tired. That's why it's not a big problem...

If you could download an ISO and play it on a non-modded Xbox, this would be a problem. I'd probably do it myself. As it is, it's not in my opinion.

silvacrest4216d ago

lol just because your to lazy or tiered doesnt mean casuals or hardcore gamers wont seek out ways to mod (there all simple enough)

its EASY and/or CHEAP to mod your 360

the moddification process isnt so long that a casual would just give up
because he has to use his brain and until you can provide proof that this is or isnt a big issue your claims dont hold up

Doomster19714216d ago

The first post about this are from them LOL. Every games system ever has had its games leaked on the net at some point. It'll happen to the ps3 too it's only a matter of time. Thankfully it's doesn't impact too much on sales though (only the minority download 360 games) so developers still make heaps of cash.

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Fishy Fingers4217d ago

Be better off posting a news thread about every 360 game that DOESNT find it's way onto a torrent site. There would be less of them.

Kushan4217d ago

There would be none. The Scene always finds a way.

However, I've yet to see a news post on the NEWER 360 games that DON'T work on modified 360s (well, unless they're really old). I can't find any news on it anywhere, but MLB09 and HAWX don't work on modified 360's yet. It'll be fixed and pirates will be pirating again in less than a week, but think of all those people who had to pay to get their 360's flashed - they're going to be very upset ;)

Foxgod4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

True Kushan, theres a so called third wave of 360 games, that features a different protection scheme for tracking users on Live that use modified copies.

To make sure you wont get banned for using those copies, Iextreme firmware 1.5 refuses to boot games that dont validate according to Wave 1 and Wave 2 releases.

Older versions of the firmware however do not feature this protection, if you have iextreme 1.2 ~ 1.4, then the games will boot, but youl get banned on live.