PlayStation Home - what GDC thinks

CVG roamed the GDC halls to get a quick reaction to the PS3 Second Life-alike, and here's what their victims had to say...

Cliff Bleszinski, lead designer, Epic Games:

"I think PlayStation Home is very cool. This kind of suedo Second Life-style setup and having a virtual space that I can call my own and invite my friends to hang out in - it's neat stuff.

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Silver3604641d ago (Edited 4641d ago )

I think they've definitely taken some concepts that we originated like achievements, but I think they're pushing in a different direction and we've sort of fundamentally got two different approaches going on here. I think theres is very much a vision that people see it and it looks cool but it's fundamentally separate from the games - or at least what they've shown so far.

So you've got an environment where I don't have a unified community, I don't have unified achievements, I have to leave the experience to go back and see all that stuff - it's not an approach that's consistent; It's like some games will do it, some games won't, some games have achievements but they don't have to have achievements.

If true Sony still has time to correct these small flaws. I just want to see what these consoles can do. When the developers understand them fully. It is time we gamers won the console war instead on the console manufacters. Give us a great expeience no matter what platform you produce.

happygamer4641d ago

seems like most people are ok with home.

Keyser4641d ago

Home still has a lot to be done to it but they shouldn't try and please everyone's wants. They should survey and focus on depth of the top 10 heavy hitters. They should also not do everything that Live does cause of that ish is annoying and ill timed.