MS: Less focus on backwards compatibility, less important now

Chris Satchell of MS was quizzed about the future of the Xbox 360's backwards compatibility. He revealed that by the end of the year, there will be less of a focus on backwards compatibility and questioned whether it was important anymore as more 360 games have rolled out.

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MrFurious4242d ago

Wouaah what a turn back on their so claimed preparation of a fantastic backward compatibility, which is a shame again on Crosoft because the first XBOX was initially like a PC and supposed to be easy to dev, as well as X360 is? does that mean XBOX 360 is not powerfull enough to handle PC-like emulation???
Again: Hahahaha

dantesparda4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

This really ridiculous, because they (MS) sit here and act like emulating these games onto the 360 is so hard, and the reality is that it shouldnt be, unless the 360 just isnt really powerful enough to do it. On the PC you have people do it all the time, who aint even professional programmers! Yet they are able to pull it off on the PC through reverse engineering all the time. Yet here is MS with all the source codes and professional programmers who should know the hardwares intimately and they are still struggling to do it? This is ridiculous and doesnt really make much sense. Unless the true problem is that the 360 just really isnt powerful enough to emulate them, (cuz normally it does take like at least two to three times the processing power of the original system to emulate them)

Damn, this is really a shame because all the Xbox games upscaled to 720p with AAx4 would have been nice. I just hope that there are at least two are three more BC updates before the end of these year

OminaeYu4242d ago

microsoft should release an update for panzer dragoon orta and jet set radio future. Orta would look amazing in HD all upscaled.

BoneMagnus4242d ago

if I can get my original XBOX fixed if it tanks. It been working fine, but eventually...

I don't mind keeping the big box around - its almost like retro gaming now, and its been good to me. About half of my library is BC - that leaves about 30 games that are not.

sajj3164242d ago

very disappointing ...

MS has to realize that decisions like these scream, 'We don't care about your previous investment' and it minimizes the advantage over your competitors. They abrubtly stopped support of the original Xbox so let us at least be able to play all the games previously released. If not all, then the ones that matter the most. Even the Wii can play Gamecube games ... PS3 can play most PS2 and PSOne games. Is MS saying that Nintendo and Sony are stupid to put in so much money into BC? I have more Xbox games than 360 games on my 360 and I didn't even have the original Xbox. There are a ton of nostalgic gamers like me ....

BoneMagnus4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

I live in KC, and if you follow football, you know that the Chiefs are looking to trade Trent Green. Some people are screaming about "loyalty" and "respect".

Trent Green is a great person and was a very good quarterback - and may still have a few years left in him. However, he'll be 38 by the end of next season, he hasn't fully recovered from the shot he took against the Bengals, and he takes up a significant chunk of the allowed team salary. The Chiefs needed to make a decision.

Sorry for the longer than expected comparison, but the XBOX was designed, from a business standpoint, to get MS established in the console industry. That's it. It was an investment toward future products and services. And it has been a tremendous accomplishment in that light.

I'm sure they have analysts try to forsee consumer opinion and the possible "ill feelings" it may cause for them to abandon BC, and weigh that cost against the cost of actually paying programmers to emulate all those games. They made a business decision. Bottom line - there is no money in BC. - Look at Nintendo - sure you can play all the old games, but they are charging you for them - it is financially beneficial for them, as opposed to designing the Wii to play NES/SNES/N64 cartridges.

Look, I'm not thrilled about this either, but MS never promised 100% BC, and focusing on the 360 becoming profitable helps secure the future of MS gaming and cements their position as a major competitor in the industry.

Rasputin20114241d ago

In the end remember its all about business NOT loyalty & Respect

Keyser4241d ago

jkbonafide I can't say I can agree with your rationale. MS touts so often that they give you choices and options so you as the consumer can decide and they are right. They do give you choices but seriously controlled choices that lead you don't a MS path. The PS gives you choices that lead you down a Sony path (with Bluray).

When Sony said they wouldn't have BC in Europe to the same extent guys on here went nuts about it. They didn't care about the costs factors that Sony went through and the fact that they were creating an emulator to support BC it was just how awful and despiteful Sony as a company was.

When MS said they would support BC and didn't it's okay, they have there reasons, its not a good cost option and you guys don't seem to car that many people got screwed. (I own 360 and Xbox).

That's fanboy 101. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Spread the hate evenly guys.

marionz4241d ago

yes they have to have a seprate emulator for every game and it does take alot of time to do a list of titles and release the update but they have doen it for most games now, i cant beleive project gotham 2 still doesnt work, but at the end of the day im not going to cry about it, i bought old xbox games after i got my 360 because they were cheap and selling fast
but the truth is i dont even play them, why would i want to now? if i cant get achievements from a game i lose interest in it
fact is 360 owners dont play old games! and there is no point wasting all that time making emulators for games that one or two people may want to play for five mins

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