GDC 2007: No Redesign for PSP

Despite being culprit to cramped fingers, Sony has no intention of redesigning the PSP. Sony officials refuted the idea that that PSP was in need of a DS Lite-style remake, stating that the system will see no physical alterations. The design will stay the same, but the way interacts with consumers may change.

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PS360WII4640d ago

Liked they'd tell us anyways. I suppose it doesn't really need a design change just a game change. Make some new original stuff and it will do fine.

*crosses fingers*

Close_Second4638d ago

I used to have a PSP but got sick of the watered down versions of PS2 games that cost just as much to buy.

To me, the PSP needs the following improvements:

- 40 gig (minimum) internal HDD
- Better audio playback options including improved bass.
- Ability to playback full resolution movies without having to hack your PSP or throw in a UMD.
- Second analog stick.
- Better headphone remote.