GDC 2007: PS3 Not Enough for GTA IV

Speaking at a Sony bloggers' pow wow, Phil Harrison offered a very candid response to concerns that PS3 doesn't have enough third-party exclusives. When asked if it was concerning that a game such as Grand Theft Auto IV was being released simultaneously on PS3 and Xbox 360, Harrison did not appear worried.

He stressed that third-party exclusives would come in good time. The newly-announced PlayStation Edge toolset is expected to help ease development for PS3, particularly for cross-platform titles. Titles using PS Edge could come as early as this fall, because the tools are "simple to implement."

As for losing GTA IV, Harrison said that the PlayStation 3 was not suitable to be the exclusive home of Rockstar's upcoming title. "I don't think PS3 has the install base to support Rockstar's investment in GTA IV on its own," Harrison told the assembled bloggers. The first next-gen Grand Theft Auto game likely cost Rockstar considerable money and development time. That being such, it couldn't have sold enough copies on PS3 alone to make exclusivity worthwhile. In the future, as the number of PS3s in homes grows, it should become easier to nab major exclusives.

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Genki4637d ago

and it's a breath of fresh air, especially among the whirlwind of negativity surrounding the gaming industry as a whole right now. Nice to see someone who has no problem being realistic, especially when they can highlight their own shortcomings and successes.

With that said, his comment makes a lot of sense at this point. In two or three years time(when all 3 systems have a user base of more than 15-20 million each), there's a pretty good chance that we'll see a higher rate of exclusives to multi-platform titles.

StrboyM4637d ago

Phil is a very intelligent person, I don't know why people jump up and down on him. he in most cases cant say what some of you people would like him to say. but he mostly tells it like it is.

I respect him for the work he does and the criticism he takes while being optimistic and level headed.

also about his statements. hes right. it has nothing to do with which system has more sold... or it would be xbox exclusive, rocstar wants to capitalize on thier investment. so if it can be put on the ps2...expect it to be.

BrotherSic4637d ago

To be fair, people have a go at Phil because he usually talks alot of rubbish. One statement that comes to mind is "Rumble is Last Gen"

i think he is starting to feel better about his companies offering and is starting to realise that he doesnt have to lie to sell consoles.

I definately agree that the PS3 cant not support a title like GTA4 on it own.

rowdy 14637d ago

rumble is last gen. I've been playing without for so long now that I don't even think about it. At the same time there are consumers that feel the need for rumble, and Sony will sale them a rumble/sixaxis controller just to make $$$$$$.

makingdamage4637d ago

"One statement that comes to mind is "Rumble is Last Gen"".

Well, it is. Compared to the gyro its definetely last gen.
I´m not saying we don´t need it though...
Yeah, he´s made some statements that hasn´t been true but so who hasen´t?
For example I think Mr Moore is a bigger liar.

BrotherSic4637d ago

"In case you've forgotten he's the idiot who offered $1200 for anyone who could find a PS3 sitting on a store shelf even though tons of PS3's could be found sitting on store shelves"

Kastrol4637d ago

Thank God he is doing all the talking and not crazy Ken

Im PS3 Man but that guy does chat alot of BS

Peter Moore can always lie and dodge questions buy always talking about Sony and Nintendo focus on your own console Mr Moore

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The story is too old to be commented.