Phil Harrison dishes on Home, backwards compatibility and whether the PS3 is losing its cool

Following Sony's keynote speech at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Phil Harrison was very much the man of the hour. Leveling a one-two punch at Sony's competitors in the form of avatar-driven service Home and free-form spectacular LittleBigPlanet, Harrison - president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios - earned a thunderous ovation from the hundreds of game developers and journalists in attendance.

Hot off the success of the keynote, Harrison sat down with GamesRadar - or more specifically, PlayStation Editor Mikel Reparaz and Editorial Director Stephen Pierce - to elaborate on Sony's plans for Home and for the PS3's future.

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Boink4637d ago

"Sony has 'nothing to apologize for'"

I disagree, and I think european wanting to play all their ps2 games do too.

PureGamer4636d ago

1,000 ps2 titles i think that is enough for a launch, i have 16 games so im not bothered. Also you dont have a PS3 so why are you on here bashing a system which you havent got? go play your "GOD" touched xbox360, you make it out to be oh so brilliant yet all the 360 fanboys on here are always bashing the PS3 when they have there system in there room to play. Can you explain this to me?

"We have more people creating games for the PlayStation format exclusively than Nintendo and Microsoft combined. So that's a significant force."
cant wait to see what other exclusives there brining out for the PS3 :)

Kastrol4636d ago

1,000 PS2 Titles is cool we will get updates price thats a bigger blow but with games like naughty dogs uncharted drake's fortune will make it worth it

PS3 is about variety not about FPS thats why xbox wont break in to the mainstream and will stay hardcore

Time will tell if 360 will break xbox 24mil install base

But 120 million i dont think so