Game Informer: GDC 07: Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey Impressions, how MS aims for Japan

Game Informer got to watch the man behind Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and a host of other classics take them on a quick tour of his latest RPG-as well as see a surprise peek at the upcoming Lost Odyssey.

"The demo started with a few cutscenes, showing off the great character design and animation Japanese audiences have enjoyed since it was released there late last year. One of the characters, Marumaro, is a goofy cat thing with an equally goofy voice. He seems to fill the standard role of annoying RPG sidekick quite nicely. Mistwalker is giving U.S. audiences the choice to listen to the original Japanese voicework or the new English recording, giving purists another way to listen to Marumaro's squealing.

Sakaguchi showed off the overworld combat system, which lets players pick and choose their battles strategically. He equipped a field skill that enveloped Shu in a glowing red orb, allowing the party to tear through enemies without going through the motions of combat. That skill consumed MPs and also required the party to have beaten that enemy type the traditional way first-a fair trade-off for the amount of time it saved. Another sequence showed the party evading laser beams from above, which should be instantly familiar to anyone whose played Final Fantasy X and dodged lightning. Players can stun enemies on the battlefield before entering combat, too, which adds other layers of depth to the already rich combat system."

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