Official Valkyria Twitter hints that DLC is close

RT @ValkyriaTribune: Something new looms on Gallia's horizon... are you ready?

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InfectedDK4589d ago

It's really an awesome game. Might pick it up sometime soon.

Acquiesc34589d ago

Definitely worth a buy. I love this game.

sinned474589d ago

ive been waiting forever for this.

umair_s514589d ago

I want DLC, I want trophies, I want Sequel.

joemayo764589d ago

first day buy for me :)

and dam i wish i had that amazing piece of artwork :(

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pwnsause4589d ago

i would be nice if they bring trophies for this game.

Snake Raiser4589d ago

MGS4 is my #1 Game, this is second.
I'm more into good stories, KZ2 is amazing, but FPS is not my genre. (Just to be clear KZ2 would be #3 or 4.

pwnsause4589d ago

yea, MGS4 is still #1 for me, No one can top MGS4. I just hope they patch it for trophies and integrate MGO to the PSN, that way I can buy the expansions straight from the PS store.

Delta4589d ago

Trophies would be awesome. Can't wait for the DLC. I love this game.

Obama4589d ago

I am so ashamed that I haven't unlocked the last report. I am on my second play through and I am telling myself that I must see the final report to get the whole story.

Love the ending, and I really like how all the characters are well-developed. Anyways, I can't wait to play as Selvaria Bles, one of my favorite character.

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The story is too old to be commented.