GDC 2007: Eiji Aonuma and the Reinvention of Zelda

Eiji Aonuma, the creator of Ocarina of Time's much-hated water dungeon (and also some game called "Twilight Princess") spoke tonight to a capacity crowd regarding his efforts to push the Zelda series forward in an increasingly tricky games market. On one hand, Japan is suffering a problem he called "gamer drift," which is to say that people are gradually losing interest in the medium. On the other hand, American gamers demand increasingly complex and realistic experiencing.

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Kastrol4641d ago

I dont understand for me Water Temple was easy

The Forest Temple was difficult

Anyone else agree

ChickeyCantor4641d ago

i agree on the water temple, the only temple i got stuck for few minutes was the death mountain temple.

they say TP was too ease, but if it was like the watertemple then they would all complain