Game Informer Goes Deeper into Fable 2...even more insights

Peter Molyneux is well known-some might say infamous-for his ability to generate hype. Whether his products live up to the high expectations he sets is certainly up for debate. When Lionhead's Fable shipped, it did so without a variety of features Molyneux had frequently promised during the game's development process. Fable was still a sold adventure title, but the epic sense of scale that had been one of its selling points was considerably dulled.

Molyneux himself is one of the first to admit his propensity for overselling his games has gotten himself into trouble. During a 45-minute-long session for journalists before GDC, Molyneux was frank about his expectations for Fable 2 and his ability to deliver. Head over to for the full report.

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Sphinx4242d ago

Yet skeptical. I hope this ends up great.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4242d ago

I hope there just as good, if not better than the K-9 companion announcement.