Dark Sector First Impressions

It's been in development for what seems like a decade, has changed appearance and even platform (started as life on PS2), but finally it looks like Dark Sector will actually see the light of day on PS3. In an invite-only preview event, got a sneak peek at D3P's long awaited action title.

Developed by Digital Extremes (Unreal's co-creators with Epic), Dark Sector slips you into the figure hugging body suit of Hayden Tenno; pretty-boy Black Ops agent for the CIA. Heading in to the fiction Eastern European city of Lasria, Hayden is set upon by forces unknown and awakes to find his right arm has been infected with an organic metal that allows him to sprout weapons from it (Witchblade anyone?). So armed (groan), Hayden makes swift use of his new-found powers and heads in to Lasria to uncover what is behind the madness and violence that has engulfed the once sleepy metropolis.

It soon becomes apparent that something's very wrong in Lasria - soldiers turn against you, others seem infected with the same metal - Technosite - as your arm. Worse still, non-human things lurk in the shadows ready to pounce and rip you limb from metallic limb.

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