Blu-ray vs. HD DVD

The next big thing. Everybody wants to create it. Retailers want to sell it, and in theory at least, consumers want to sweep it up in their arms. But what happens when two competing technologies claim to be the one true future? It's almost as fractured and chaotic as worldly religion; on one side you have the HD DVD devout, and on the other sit the Blu-ray believers. Both are convinced that they are destined to rule.

Two competing formats, but only one will reign supreme.

Today, IGN gives their verdict...

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DJ4638d ago (Edited 4638d ago )

And Blu-ray has that in spades. It's the reason BD-ROM has gained such a large lead, in addition to the launch of the Playstation 3 (i.e. market penetration).

"Microsoft has instead opted to keep the format at arm's-length until time has proven it successful. This, ironically, may also spell the format's long-term downfall since, under the guise of consumer-choice and flexibility, they are actually inadvertently crushing consumer confidence. If it isn't a standard feature, then why is it worth a dime at all? And if all manufacturers take the same wait-and-see attitude with HD DVD hardware that Microsoft has, then who's creating the drives? And who would bother to create publish for a format with no install base? Our concerns are clear." -IGN-

BIadestarX4638d ago

I agree with you there DJ. If HD DVD fails it's going to be because many companies (including Microsoft) are not taking the risk as Sony is doing. I guess it's because Microsoft have nothing to lose. It's not like they own HD DVD and will be getting royalties for every movie sold. They only make money of the drive not the movies. On the other hand Sony is a movie studio and is very involve in the movie industry even more than with games.
Even with all the support blu-ray is getting from the industry and what Sony is doing (putting all the egg in the same basket) blu-ray is not killing hd dvd at all. Blu-Ray intall base is less than 2% more than Blu-Ray. It would have being interesting to see how things would be if Microsoft would include an HD-DVD drive into the 360.

12Volt4638d ago

"It would have being interesting to see how things would be if Microsoft would include an HD-DVD drive into the 360."

It was too big of a risk for Microsoft. They made the right choice though. I would have liked to see an HD Drive in there though.

For sony the risks are worth putting everything on the line for, it will pay off in the next few years.

OldSchoolGamer4638d ago (Edited 4638d ago )

Unfortunately, I don't see many numbers being important as of now, but movie sales per unit is vital (something glaringly left out of the article). Blu-ray has a slight lead in players around 2% and thats with over 1 million ps3's. The attachment rate is half of HD-DVD's. The reason these numbers are important, this is because PS3 owners are not buying the system for movies (granted they might buy one or two since there are about 3 games worth playing right now, which should hopefully change soon) whereas an HD-DVD buyer is, because that is why they bought the player. There are no games on HD-DVD so its buyers are picking up more movies. The PS3 in the long run will give Blu-ray a great advantage in an installer base, but as of now, those numbers are like any facts. You can spin them how you want to make a point. So, go ahead fanboys and spin... just keep in mind this is a DVD format article.

T-Virus4638d ago

Then standard DVD wins, hands down!

Torch4638d ago (Edited 4638d ago )

then forget about DVD's...we'd all still be popping in the lowly VHS tape.

Not the only factor...but a critical one nonetheless.

(C'mon Universal...I know you're just itching to cross over. Do it...DO IT!!!)

BoneMagnus4638d ago

I've read that the image quality is supposed to be equal - even that HD-DVD is marginally better.

However, if I was your average Joe off the street, walking into my local Best Buy and checking out the two displays, the Blu-Ray was clearly superior. For whatever reason - bad cables, a less worthy TV, the HD-DVD demo picture looked just like the other TVs in the "TV section" going through their display loop.

The Blu-Ray had the "wow" factor - the picture was amazing - brilliant.

Again, I'm not saying which is actually better - I'm just saying what I observed at retail - and regardless of whatever someone reads - I could see someone coming it to the store with the intention of getting HD-DVD and leaving with Blu-Ray based on what I saw.

NitrogenB4638d ago

When I saw Superman Returns Blu-ray on a Bravia at best buy, I was like "Holy. Crap"

Torch4638d ago

is an excellent showpiece for Blu-Ray, because it's shot entirely with digital cameras (eliminating transfer loss).

...which is why I bought it! ;)

kmis874637d ago

The PQ (picture quality) is basically the same for both formats, as they can use the exact same codecs. Theoretically, BluRay should have the best PQ because it can achieve higher peak bitrates, although this hasn't become evident at all. I believe, however, that the best PQ in a hd movie to date is in The Prestige, although I have yet to see it so I can't say if that is true or not. I can say that the transfer done on the ps3 Talledega Nights disc was pretty subpar.

OminaeYu4638d ago

this is all well and good for blue ray but the thing is the average joe tends to get set in his ways for a lot longer than the gaming community who have to adopt a new format every 4 years look how long vhs went for they only got phased out 1.5 years ago and DVD only became the norm about 3 years ago so sony where right to included blue ray in the ps3 if they think their console will last 8-10 years by then microsoft and nintie will bring out the xbox 360 2 and WII 2 with blue ray in it as the norm. microsoft and nintendo where right not to included hd dvd or blue ray when it wont be cost effective or the norm for about 3-4 years. the uk doesn't switch over to digtal and full HD broadcasting till 2012 and about 1% of the uk have HD TVs. blue ray and hd dvd is pointless with out that. DVD has 3-4 years left in it so blue ray will be gathering dust till. put it simple 5 dvds for 30 quid or 2 blue ray dvds and a whole load of kit worth about 1.2 grand to watch them.....for the average joe no contest DVD wins Till HD telvision becomes standard.

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