Superman Videos Now On XBLM

Next friday sees one of 2006's most anticipated movies hitting the big sscreen. I am of course talking about the recreated Superman: Returns. To help up the hype of the new movie some videos have been released on the Xbox Live Marketplace and you're not looking at one simple teaser trailer, oh no. There are countless journals alongside the various trailers to get a hold of, take a look at the full list below:

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Marriot VP6190d ago

yah there's like 20 trailers....boooohhhh.

superman movies gonna flop like most out of nowhere superhero movies.

PS360PCROCKS6190d ago

Lol not even close this movie will be a huge hit, it's getting amazing reviews not to mention if you see it in IMAX the action sequences, well atleast 20 so minutes of them are in full 3D where you need goggles, that's fuc*ing sweet

FeralPhoenix6187d ago

As a longtime Superman fan, I've been very disapointed (f-ing pissed) with previous videogames for the Man of Steel....they have been the worst games for super heroes by far...and thats saying alot. For some reason developers seem to have a hard time nailing the characters and gameplay when it comes to superheroes or comic book characters, although I think the latest Spiderman and Hulk games were alright. I just don't think I will be getting this game unless they start showing alot more impressive in-game footage and gameplay.