When Will Medal of Honor Go Modern?

From Core Game News...

"I've always looked at the Medal of Honor series and the Call of Duty series as rivals. Of course even though first installment of the Medal of Honor series released way before the first Call of Duty, they've always seemed to battle over who had the better World War II shooter. Infinity Ward took a big leap in the Call of Duty franchise by switching the theme to Modern Warfare back in 2007. And what happened after that? Call of Duty received countless positive reviews, many Game of The Year awards, and after spending several weeks as the top played Xbox Live game, a lot of people dubbed the the official Halo Killer. Why doesn't EA try and bring the Medal of Honor series to Modern Warfare?"

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Hellsvacancy5203d ago (Edited 5203d ago )

I would like to play a good Vietnam game

labaronx5203d ago

Couldn't that be considered a modern setting shooter?

ironwolf7775203d ago

It's called Medal Of Honor : Operation Anaconda.
And it's no secret.

Durffen5202d ago

Well then that means this article and pointless and stupid. Can you give me a link?