Epic threatens to curb stomp fan for Gears of War 'Munny' doll

Joystiq reports: "Emilio Lopez's custom Gears of War doll certainly appears professionally made -- enough so that we expressed a desire to see it manufactured and sold at retail. The doll even came in a mock retail box when Emilio presented it to his cousin as a Christmas gift. But, like any other do-it-yourself Munny doll, Emilio's creation is merely a personal homage to Epic's game; not a mischievous business venture. Nevertheless, when Epic and its legal hounds caught wind of the doll, they issued a cease and desist order, claiming Emilio's creation is an unauthorized use of Epic's trademarks. Epic has requested that all trademarks be removed from the doll, packaging, and Emilio's website. Ironically, the logos Emilio used were apparently taken from a fansite pack that Epic had issued. C'mon Epic dudes, please, back off."

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Reaper4633d ago

that thing is so awesome,i want one. I think that he should make the rest of the characters too

FordGTGuy4633d ago

to Epic first and they could've.

kornbeaner4633d ago

he didn't and isn't making any money off of it, he is just a fan who happens to like the game a lot.

jpod4633d ago

and he also made it for his cousin. i guess it was a bad idea for him to show off his work, but no money is made and he's just giving it to his cousin for a christmas present. what can epic do?

gogators4633d ago

Epic should take a closer look instead of sending cease and desist letters. This is a good idea for Epic to be looking at.

omfg_1114633d ago

looks very funny :)
i dont know gears of war so well, never played it.
but this figure is pretty cute

Dukester1014633d ago

well they're both right...

1) he shouldve contacted Epic and asked for permissions (even if he is not distributing for profit). it's kinda like citing your source in a paper.

2) Epic should back down a bit, and not be so threatening with a "cease and desist" orders. He has every right to make whatever he wants, as long as he doesnt put their copyrighted logos on it and 'sell' it