GDC 2007: Innovations in Fable 2

The dog days of Fable 2. At his GDC speech "Innovations in Fable 2," Lionhead's Peter Molyneux extended on what he spoke about way back at X06 -- love. After revealing that players would be parents in Fable 2, at GDC, Molyneux revealed they would also be proud pet owners. Demonstrating the dog's abilities, the four-legged furball behaves, uh, like a dog. It buries its ball, it chases after the ball -- even over a cliff when testers' experimented on the creature.

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Xi4631d ago

I trade my wife over Xbox live? That would be fun, or my children?

gogators4631d ago

I don't think I'll have time to play any more games this year, so I'd say Feb 08 is great time for release. This game is looking good.

achira4631d ago

lol, fable 1 should be revolutionary too. and this games was crap, lol i bought it. i am sure part 2 will also be crap. peter cant develop games as good as talking about his dreams.