GDC 2007: PS Home Trophies Not a Requirement

One of Microsoft's requirements for Xbox 360 certification is the incorporation of achievements into every XBL Arcade and retail release. With the introduction of the Home service, Sony's introducing a similar concept with trophies, which players can hang in their room and earn however the developer determines. However that happens, they're meant to be a collectible, but Sony exec. Phil Harrison says it's not about to become a requirement to get certified on PS3.

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BIadestarX4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

If they don't enforce it for certification then developers will simply not spend time on it. Probably Sony will, but not third party developers. I can understand why Sony wouldn't make it a requirements, I already have a total of 300-400 achivements, if Sony would enforce it than my HOME would be more of a junk yard than anything else.
I invite anyone to my Home and uhhhhggg.. find/compare my trophies with theirs. mmm.. I wonder if it would be more practical/quicker having a 2d list that allows me to compare what trophies I have or what I'm missing from a particular game. Wait a minute.. isnt that xbox live does!

jpod4242d ago

I think Sony not enforcing it is more of a good thing. Takes a load of the developers to come up with some achievements. Though if the games were on the 360 and PS3, I don't see a reason why they shouldn't add it for the PS3 version of the game because they can just use the same achievements for the trophies.

gogators4242d ago

with trophies or achievements. If a team has already spent month designing and developing a game, they should know the in and outs pretty darn well. It can't take that long for trophies to be decided on. I enjoy playing games, but MS achievements with the 360 have added a whole nother level to gaming. It can't the PS3 to have something similar.

BIadestarX4242d ago

As a developers I'm just talking about what's usually the case.
When it comes to software/game developement there is no such things as downtime. I've never being involve in a project where we fished months or even weaks ahead of schedule. The fact is that for the most part developers have to prioritize what must be done and devide the work between what is required vs what's optional and nice to have. Passing certification is more important than adding extra features.
Notice how even after all the work developers make they still have bugs that they have to patch later. Why do you think games release dates get postponed more often than not? I'm telling you, the last day of the develelopment process developer are beaten working extra hours to fix show stoppers and bugs, and after the games pass certification and goes gold they will not fix anything else until the next update or patch. The last thing developers want to do after working so hard and having so much to do is that damn "nice to have list of features". Trust me, this is why some game developers are not adding online features to PS3 games. Which one is more important online or trophies?