The next billion-dollar opportunity in gaming

Keynote address at game investor conference suggests the industry is due for a major overhaul. Normally when analysts and investors spout off about the gaming industry, actual gamers are prone to tune them out. But when Stewart Alsop and Gilman Louie, head partners of venture-capital firm Alsop Louie, say the gaming industry is in need of fundamental change, their point of view is a lot harder to ignore.

After all, Louie founded Spectrum Holobyte, designed the hardcore flight simulator Falcon 4.0, and was among the first to bring Tetris to the West. And while Alsop admits he doesn't play games--much less design them--he has a history of notable investment success in the tech sector (riding the success of companies like Tivo, Glu Mobile, and Xfire).

In their keynote address at the Second Annual Game Investors today, Alsop and Louie discussed "The Next Billion Dollar Videogame Opportunity." The pair mentioned a number of sectors commonly seen as the "next big thing" in games, including mobile and casual gaming, massively multiplayer titles, immersive worlds, dedicated game devices (like Nokia's N-Gage), and games for girls.

"We don't think any of these have achieved the status of the next billion-dollar opportunity," Alsop said.

"So what is the real next billion-dollar opportunity?" Louie asked. "I say it's the Internet."

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Krimson5816d ago

Wow give these guys a prize! Who would have thought that the future of gaming involves the internet!?!?!?!

Marriot VP5816d ago

these guys are about 10 years behind the excitement. Numbskulls

Sphinx5816d ago

What's that... the future?

MoonDust5815d ago

WOW! Are these guys behind or what!

Killswitch5815d ago

Games are the future and and i'm part of it

Lucidmantra5815d ago

Gamers are the future and thats all that matters without us they got nothing. If they don't please us then they gets no money.

Now if we can just stop buying EA stuff that really sucks. cough... Head COach... cough cough.

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