1UP Yours: GDC Special No.2 take a closer look at how the PS3's Home and Little Big Planet match up to the Xbox 360's Live service and XNA. They also caught up with corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios Shane Kim and the Bioware Doctors for interviews that offered plenty of interesting bits, including a Halo 3 release teaser. Games also get a chance to take center stage and our impressions include Mercenaries 2, Portal, Super Paper Mario, and Big Brain Academy for the Wii. It's a jam packed episode.

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techie4633d ago

Confirmed. The user created content of Littlebigplanet in the demo release this year will then be used on the disc release in 2008. So if you create the best may well be in the final game disc! :P COol.

Maldread4633d ago

Yeah that`s cool, that will probably encourage people to give it a go on creating a level of their own. Wonder if they`ll give a prize or something for the "winners" ?

techie4633d ago

Free disc of the game probably and a stuffed toy that are shown. Wow I want one!

Maldread4632d ago

Yeah hehe that would be something.. maybe some cash too hehe ;)

Daytona4631d ago

But, did anyone else get irritated by there voices? I mean maybe it's b/c I couldn't see them, only hear but I was not enjoying this podcast.