GDC: CliffyB wants Jazz Jackrabbit on XBLA

Speaking at GDC, Cliff Bleszinski, the mad genius behind Gears of War, noted that he'd like to see his classic platformer, Jazz Jackrabbit, on Xbox Live Arcade. Cliffy noted that many people have told him the game would be good for Live arcade. "Honestly, I'd love to see it, too," said Bleszinski, but noted that Epic is too busy to take on the task themselves.

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gogators4632d ago

out on xbla for at least 20 months. With everything already announced and with unbelievably slow MS has been at final approvement, this game will never see the light of day on xbla. We need to getting at least two releases a week or at least 6-7 new titles a month.

tomfoolery4632d ago (Edited 4632d ago )

Cliffy can pretty much do whatever he wants anytime, anywhere,
as far as approvement goes from MS .(GEARS)?
If Cliffy requested so,MS would pay heed.
This game would see the light of day. Count on it.
And a 1 game a week.... XBLA release, is just fine in my opinion.