Red Xbox 360 Resident Evil Limited Edition spotted in the wild

New 360 SKUs always seem to land on Target shelves a bit early, and the new Resident Evil 5 red Xbox 360 Elite limited edition is no exception -- there it is, hanging out in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

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steel213517d ago

This is great! Now my RROD will blend in to the rest of my console!

Eiffel3517d ago

Congrats you among many others have used that joke before.

Thank you again for killing comedy.

Lifendz3517d ago

for the same price you'd pay for an elite you get a copy of RE5, Street Fighter HD, and an HDMI cable. That's a great deal. I'm sure these will go quickly.

HarukoHex3517d ago

ahhh people don't like my 360, to bad, not like you have to own it. XD

Obama3517d ago

Where did you get the eva skin?

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Arsenic133517d ago

So that means RE5 is already in stores or on the way!

Heldrasil3517d ago

Could be! I will wait patiently.

theEnemy3517d ago


Although some stores will break the street date. :D

XLiveGamer3517d ago

Just dressed like the devil.

But the Black SKU its the most gorgeous one.

By the way RE5 looks gorgeous but the control scheme suck!
Sorry for been sincere.

Heldrasil3517d ago

My god man, you people and your "the control scheme suck" rhetoric, it's worn out, and is quite unoriginal. Every time you guys post this crap I bet you think that you are the first one to have commented on it. Please get some creativity when trying to slander a game.

outlawlife3517d ago

but the control scheme does suck...

HarukoHex3517d ago

actually it doesn't to me, but then again its all a opinion. >.> seeing as i don't see there going to fix it, deal with it.

II Necroplasm II3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

By the way RE5 looks gorgeous but the control scheme suck when you said that I thought you really meant Killzone 2.

So does killzone 2 but I still love it

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Highatus3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Sorry it looks pink.

I like my *(Black)Elite more.


Heldrasil3517d ago

Maybe it's just crappy printing ink on the box and has been "bleached" by the fluorescent track lights of Target.

Highatus3517d ago

You could very well be right :)

outlawlife3517d ago

if you've ever seen the red controller it is the same color, its the same plastic

BIGBIRD3243517d ago

Man that thing is so slick i might finally buy a second one

Heldrasil3517d ago

Agreed, I need another so my kids will leave mine alone!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.