Top 10 Ways to Tell if You Suck at Video Games

The top ten ways to tell if you suck at video games.

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DDP3522d ago

that was funny. except the pokemon barbs.

PS3istheshit3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

pokemon is the best hand held game ever made
mario is best on nintendo consoles
but pokemon is so much fun
i dont know y but it just is
their making pokemon platinum which is supposed 2 be way more advanced hand held game
i dont think ill live to see the day where they run out of colors for pokemon
* i dont play it anymore
lets get that straight
it was good wen i was 10 but online shooters took me over after that
im a ps3 man now :)

rockleex3522d ago

for NOT making a Pokemon MMORPG!!! >_<

rockleex3522d ago

with short "intention" spans. *from the article*

What SORT of intentions do those children have? >_<

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SolidSnake933521d ago

You know, I don't recall if old-wizard has ever written anything other than a list.

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christian hour3521d ago

my girlfriends ALWAYS playing pokemon. Hahha.

Buttons3521d ago

Why the hell does old wizard keep rehashing their same old damn lists? I swear to God, I've seen this exact same article with a different name a month ago.

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Son of Odin3522d ago

I love pokemon why would they make fun of it. It was the first game I ever played! I take all things pokemon very seriously and hate when people make fun of it.

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JDPGamer20023522d ago

i can't believe that game is still defended by people ( but yeah, this list sucks.

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Kami3522d ago

waht a bunch of f-ing bullcrap.
I still play pokemon and im 18. I played it when i first came out and i still play them.

Timesplitter143522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Guys, don't be such elitists. Gaming elitism is so damn ridiculous I don't even want to finish this phra

Pokemon was a great game. When you grow up, you don't care if it's Pokemon anymore. It's just funny. Learn to enjoy these things and don't go all "I play MATURE games for MATURE alpha-male gamers".

vickers5003522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )


No, but you must be, or at least close to that age. Only someone who is very young would have this macho "I'm cool and mature, look at me" attitude about them. Any real man would admit playing and loving the game back then, and even still loving it now. Timesplitters said it pretty well, just play what is fun and good, who cares if might be child oriented. I mean, if we took that mentality, then you will have to discount games like Ratchet and Clank, LittleBigPlanet, Jak and Daxter, etc. and we wouldn't be appreciating Pixar/Dreamworks(some disney films) 3d animation.

Quit being a douche and thinking that you're cooler than everyone else because you think you're more mature (you're not by the way), and learn to have fun and still love the things in your childhood that made you happy, and not avoid/talk badly about them just because you feel some misplaced sense of obligation to be more "mature.

meatnormous3521d ago

Its still really popular with the kids, but it is far from my tastes. My Neice has everyone of them for every system, not because she plays them, but because of the name Pokemon.

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Tlax3522d ago

i could have thought of better reasons than that.

Swedenborg3522d ago

i actually thought mario 2 was hard. does that mean i suck at video games?

PrimordialSoupBase3522d ago

what a retarded article. it seems like someone stopped playing video games in 1994.