Kilzone 2 Review by UOL Jogos

The reviewer closing comments:

"Great, intense, and beautiful surroundings. "Killzone 2" is a game that marks time by the degree of refining and polishing it presents. Does justice to the trailer from 2005? Perhaps not entirely, which does not mean that it is bad. In a generation of consoles populated by so many games, shot in first person, "Killzone 2" place among the best achieved not by revolution or innovation, but run with a high level of excellence established concepts and fun."

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Allowen3517d ago

That is cool, "universo online"is appearing on this N4G site.

Yaj, I also imported it and I hope to be playing KZ2 on the beginning of incoming week.

Gun_Senshi3517d ago

Actually controls are great.

Guess you like a twitchy auto aim spraying noob feast game.

Superduper093517d ago

The controls work just fine for me.

BMS843517d ago

People that don't want to get used to something new in a game aren't gamers.