Dead Space: Extraction finds writer

Gamer Limit writes: Award-winning British writer, Antony Johnston, most known for his Oni Press published post-apocalyptic series Wasteland and work of the comic form of Dead Space has just announced that he will be scripting the new game for the Wii, Dead Space: Extraction.

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chrisjc3545d ago

I hope it's better writing than the Dead Space movie...

Fullish3545d ago

By that you mean the anime? yeah lets hope so.

AcesAndEights3545d ago

Don't worry the Dead Space movie was written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, you may know some of their other writing work... Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe...

SinnedNogara3545d ago


Now they should make it a FPS game. I can imagine how well the story will be for a rail-shooter game. They should increase the interactivity.

I am still kind of turned off by the fact that you cannot move, but when they talk about the game at E3 I will take a look at it. They should make it with first-person shooter (the ability to move wherevery you want) elements and some rail-shooter elements at some areas of the game.

ChaoticStupid3544d ago

It already is a FPS shooter game. It is a shooter from the First person perspective. The game being "on rails" doesnt change that the view is still first person.

ChickeyCantor3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

That would be the same as, a game taking a first person view but you hold a its a first person stabber?
Because its in First person view does not mean its a "first person shooter".

Doom = FPS.
Onrails = Arcade shooter.
Metroid Prime = FPA.

Clance3545d ago

game writers are getting more attention these days!

Product3544d ago

Best part

"I think the on-rails-haters will be pleasantly surprised at how much gameplay variety has been packed in."

ChickeyCantor3544d ago

Don't fall for it!

Gr813544d ago

"Variety" also had my interest piqued. I have a good feeling about this yrs E3, it just seems so quiet (on Nintendo's front). I'm not going to overhype myself into a tizzy but I am definitely interested to see what's in the goodie bag.

SpoonyRedMage3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

I think they'll announce something big as they've said they're only announcing close to finishing to avoid hype backlash.

EDIT: On topic: awesome, even if it is on rails. The Wiis just getting better and better and looking more attractive to this potential consumer.;)

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