Evolution Studios talks about the PS3 and... stuff

As one of the first studios in the world to work with PlayStation 3 development tools, it's fair to say that Sony put a good deal of faith in British developer Evolution Studios. Previously responsible for the World Rally Championship games on PlayStation and PlayStation 2, Evolution had plenty of experience making racing games for Sony hardware. Nonetheless, it was still a massive gamble to move away from the rally genre and create a dirt racing title for a new piece of kit, but after much hype and anticipation, the fruits of its labour can now be sampled in the form of MotorStorm.

Gamespot sat down with Evolution founder and CEO Martin Kenwright on the day of MotorStorm's US release to find out more about this ambitious project, as well as their plans for downloadable content.

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lil bush4642d ago

well new downloadable tracks would be cool

MikeGdaGod4642d ago (Edited 4642d ago )

new tracks and split-screen, i'll be happy. oh yea, and it would be nice to be able to listen to my own music, but i think thats more of a system requirement demand than a single game

weekapaugh4642d ago

playing your own music for this game would effing rule!!!!!!!!

jpod4642d ago

playing your own music would be nice. especially with the network and hdd capabilities, i don't see a reason we can't. games already have done it with the first xbox, and 360 too. i wanna see some ps3 games do it.

THAMMER14641d ago (Edited 4641d ago )

More traks would be cool? I wonder..... Yeah it would be.

Jpod you really can not play your own music on PS3...still? *WOW, I would love to play some U.G.K., T.I., NIRVNA, or some G unit while kicking @ss. Oh well.

techie4641d ago

Own music on motorstorm would be cool...but I heard that all the music on motorstorm was sampled to make it sound like it was a live concert...I guess we wouldn't mind the option of having our own music though.