Why You Will Never Hear Me Shut Up About The Dante's Inferno Videogame

Chelsea writes on Negative gamer:

"To start, as I have briefly mentioned before, it is pointless to compare Dante's Inferno to the God of War franchise. While GoW was indeed based on Greek mythology, it was not derived from any single piece of literature, but rather a time period and the pagan religion that accompanied it. Kratos is a completely fictional character, with a (though somewhat recycled) new plot. It was in truth merely inspired, and not solely based upon, the religion and myths of Grecian society."

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zdudynot3520d ago

No one care u pesamistic coc_k

wardrox3520d ago

Yes they do. Just because you don't doesn't me other gamers aren't as retarded.

Some gamers care about the Xbox, some gamers care about Survival Horror games, some gamers care bout politics and some gamers happen to care about literature.

Grow a brain you ignorant 12 year old.

Harry1903520d ago

I care for literature as much as you do, but come on, let us not put The Divine Comedy on a pedestal and worship it as the definitive piece of Italian genius. By today's standards, the whole thing is absurdly boring and dense. We must put things in context. You're never going to have this particular material translated with great fidelity.

Dante's work, much like Machiavelli's was not what it looks like. Both men had ulterior motives and this is how Dante found inspiration in the portrayal of the circles of hell and purgatory. It was an allegory, not a glorified version of Christian mythology. EA's version is just as valid as Dante's when put into context. They never said they were going to make it just like the manuscript.

Bits-N-Kibbles3519d ago

I think it would be difficult for anyone to make a game close to the book/poem/comedy whatever.

Having just read it over the summer, I am very surprised in this day and age of digital technology that there has not been a movie based on it. While reading it I was imagining this being a movie that guillermo del toro would direct with insane costumes and visuals based as close to the story as possible.

But a game would be difficult, it is more of the experience and seeing than doing and playing.