GDC07: Conversation with Phil Harrison

Shortly after delivering his Game 3.0 speech at the Game Developers Conference, Phil Harrison sat down with Kotaku for a ten-minute, one-on-one interview about the reaction to Home, developer reticence, why there is a backlash against Sony and other things.

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techie4637d ago

"We have a second generation game coming from Insomniac. Their second release on the system will be happening this year. That is going to be very, very exciting to see."

Ratchet and Clank to release this year!? Cooooool.

Keyser4637d ago

That was a good interview. It was very tactful that he didn't go into the backlash and past issues but focused on the future. He was wise to continue to ride the recent success and point out the truly, overall successful introduction of the PS3.
Not to some fanboys taste but, you can't please everybody...