The beginner's guide to speeding up Vista

No matter how cheap computers have become to buy, it's still much cheaper to clean out your hard drive and upgrade your PC components, and doing so isn't some sort of black art where you need to don a pair of industrial gloves and a hard hat. Simple upgrades don't require any specialist knowledge and they will only take a few minutes to achieve.

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Foxgod3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

step1: buy pc that can handle it
Step2: no more steps required :)

Ontopic, this will help if vista runs almost good, but not good enough.

meatnormous3516d ago

I see alot of people buying the cheapest computers out there that have vista already installed. Add in the software that computer companies add and you have one slow as hell pc. My laptop came with vista 32 bit premium and had only 1 gig of ram. Vista chokes my laptop and I installed XP 64-bit and its great now.

edgeofblade3516d ago

My PC came with 6 gigs of ram. Would have built, but didn't have the time to dedicate or to wait. Obviously no issues RAM-wise, but if you come in with unrealistic expectations of Vista, of course you will get burned.

WhittO3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I dont have a problem with the speed of vista, since i have a good PC.

I have a problem that it takes an entire 1GB of my memory, so instead of 4gb i have 3gb, this is probably the main problem everyone has, why the hell did they make an OS that hogs a HUGE amount of system resources !!

I have a problem with all the settings i need to change to make it run smoothley, such as turning UAC off, or the fact that it doesnt seem to remember windows sizes no matter how many times i reset or adjust or hold control or shift closing the window. So everytime i open up control panel i have to re-size.

Or what about the constant indexing that goes on in the background, that i again had to change the settings and turn off, this didnt knock my comp performance (that i noticed, although would have been different story if in a game), made my PC so loud !!

I cant believe they are shipping windows 7 and are just "forgetting" the mess they made with Vista, why not just patch vista instead of releasing a whole new operating system! These are the reasons why i hate MS.

meatnormous3516d ago

They are a business, why fix something when they can just release a new version. That seems like MS business practices with all the 360 versions out there. Computer enthusiasts like myself will buy windows 7 just to be ahead of the curve, but if they would fix Vista I could put it off.

WhittO3516d ago

yep true.

Do you also find that vista doesnt remember window sizes and settings ?

Mainly with control panel haha, its the most annoying problem for me !

edgeofblade3516d ago

So, would meatnormous have Microsoft issue a recall and fix all ?? million consoles. And should they do that in less than 4 months? Unlikely. It might suck to hear it, but this firefighting approach to fixing the 360's issues is the best for the customer.

Horny Melon3516d ago

Step 1: Uninstall Vista
Step 2: Install XP
Step 3: Enjoy your computing life without Microsoft DRM arthroscope jammed up your @$$.

ExcelKnight3516d ago

This is a useless article. It's standard issue speed up tips that most people should know already:
1. Disable autoruns
2. Disable Aero
3. When all else fails... get a better computer?

Yeah, I'd rather see more in-depth tweaks to get those little bits of extra memory and disable many useless scheduled tasks.