Gaming Front TV Goes Live

The first online tv channel for gamers is now available showing the latest trailers, gameplay videos, developer diaries, original videos and more. Always streaming 24/7.

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TheColbertinator3543d ago

Its ok for a online TV build.Maybe someday we can get a TV network exclusively for gamers.G4 already screwed that up

omodis4203543d ago

Yeah I know it used to be badass back in the day when they had Cheat, Cinematech, X play and some other video game shows.

oriol0033543d ago

at least they still have X-play.

gaylo0013543d ago

better quality would be nice.

Cajun Chicken3543d ago

Game Network on Sky TV used to rock. I remember the interviews with Jason Rubin around the time Jak and Daxter was announced.