Rumor: Rare Whipping Up Two AAA Games This Year

Microsoft seems to be placing its cards on the resurgence of Rare this year, word has it that the company that has assisted several internal projects from Microsoft will show the projects it has been working on for a couple of years.

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Monchichi0253518d ago

This is kinda like Gear of War 2 last year. The worst kept secret in the videogame industry! Everyone knows Killer Instincts is gonna be on of the games....not to sure about Perfect Dark thou. Perfect Dark Zero kinda sucked.

But whatever...hope things come out good! Can't WAIT!!!

urban bohemian3518d ago

They still need to prove themselves as a next gen developer.

Even though their efforts so far have been pretty good they still haven't achieved the same standard as some other studios out there.

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gaffyh3518d ago

how can you call a game AAA if you haven't even seen the game or even heard the name of it yet?

Stupid people, also according to Xbox fanboys AAA means 90+ metacritic and 8 million sales. I don't think any Rare game will do that, they've gone downhill since N64 days (IMO). They ruined Banjo, and Perfect Dark, two fantastic IPs, and in turn p*ssed me off.

Tony P3518d ago

...this site apparently got word straight from MS a while back and posted it on N4G:

Not sure where they got the Rare part from (that's probably the rumour), but the original announcement of two new games seems genuine enough.

However, assuming they'll be AAA at this point is nonsensical, I agree.

Rock Bottom3518d ago

'Cause Rare haven't released an AAA game since the original Perfect Dark.

Elven63518d ago

Le Idiotce: Its already been confirmed 12 people out of a whopping 200 will be affected by cuts or department changes. They could restructure to make it a well oiled machine so to speaking, with each dev team pulling out a project every year, ex,

Year 1: Dev Team 1
Year 2: Dev Team 2
Year 3: Dev Team 3
Year 4: Dev Team 1
Year 5: Dev Team 2

etc etc

And FYI, when the restructuring news broke it was already confirmed Rare had 4 unannounced titles ready, not sure if they were for this year but its safe to assume at least 1 or 2 of them will be out. By AAA I think he means Gears/Halo level titles. If that is the case I am confident we will see a Perfect Dark 2 this year.

Why dis3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

New account?

bye bye...

Anyways I know somebody working on the Perfect Dark beta so its Perfect Dark and Killer Instinct 3 IMO.

By the way assuming these are AAA's is no different from PS3 fans waving their supposed AAA lists lol.

Boldy3518d ago

I think the "AAA" term has kind of taken itself out of context over the past years. If I remember correctly, the term "AAA" "A" and "B" refer to it's production values (how much money was put into making them). That's why the classic old B-movies were the cheap crappy movies. I don't really see how it has anything to do with how good the game actually is. Of course the other meaning for it can be for if it sells over a million units (or is projected to, I can't remember). Frankly I'm not even quite sure what "AAA" means anymore, but from the context of the title, I'm sure it would involve the production values rather than the latter. (not my blog; just result of quick google search).

silvacrest3518d ago

atleast those ps3 games had a name,
a speculated release date
a developer(s) who have made AAA games recently

you cant honestly say rare have done any of these but dont get me wrong, i want rare to make a AAA game, specifically killer instincts but to say two rumored, unannouced, nameless games from rare will be AAA is just hoping for the best

SuperM3518d ago

2 games? perhaps. AAA? dont think so. They havent made a single AAA game since they joined microsoft.

IdleLeeSiuLung3518d ago

It's funny how you got a positive rumor for 360, and before you know it you have a majority Playstations fans dissing the 360. If this was about some positive PS3 news, we would hear some sh!t about how the media is biased....

Freak of Nature3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

For me....

But for most I gather KI and PD is their choice...Plus rare /Microsoft are looking to make ca$h...These games give them the best chance I figure.

I still have hope for rare,a great dev house of the past.Banjo N&B was a good game,not great,but for most (including myself) not the one we would have hoped for,a true platformer...

JFG would be another I would look forward to...More quirky platformers please.Shooters/fighters we can get elsewhere by the truck load,but platformers of higher value on the X360 are no where to be seen.With rare you still have hope for something special,even if it is not as high in hope as you once had,at least thats my feeling...

With 4 games in development this is no surprise,games are coming,as for AAA,well the jury is out,lets hope they can get some of that magic back......

Perhaps Conker and KI for the fall? Kameo 2 and PD next year?

I_am_rushin3518d ago

You don't just go and whip up AAA games like they're no ones business. It takes time, money, and talent.

SinnedNogara3518d ago

I hope it is Killer Instinct 3 and Conker 3.

Sevir043518d ago

14 titles over the next 4 years for the 360. Some being XBLA titles and other being disc based titles.

and basically in o7 they released Viva Piniata, in 06 they released PDZ and kameo, and in o8 they releases Viva Pinata 2 and banjo: nutz and bolts... and personally None of those games were hot and far from AAA so to say that is hardly anything. they'll release 2 titles a year and maybe a few more on XBLA but since this gen started, they have released games that have tanked and butured pristine franchises thatw ere at the time pinacle of great fun, after the N64 they tanked with all they're games. I dont have much faith in Rare, they arent the ones that we knew back on N64. so I'll look to see what new games they create but i'm expecting nothing but meh from them. they are likely gonna bucher yet another pristine IP and we are gonna grow more disdane.

SolidSnake933518d ago

Wait is this supposed to be a joke or is there a series called AAA.

Narutone663518d ago

that the 2 games will be AAA? It's not even out yet. Does he have a time machine?

cherrypie3518d ago


Banjo, Viva Pinata and Kameo are excellent games. You're being ridiculous. Rare has proven they've got piles of talent.

vhero3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

yeah because you can just say your games AAA and it must be! the titles a bit off.. Rare havn't made a AAA game since their SNES days.

Anon19743517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Wake me when they actually deliver.
Kameo...meh. Perfect Dark - I'm sorry. This game was crap. I bought it as a launch title and despite trying to get into it again and again I just couldn't stand it. Lame character's, lame missions, guns lacked punch...ugh! Best thing about that game is I liked it's intro.

Anyway, maybe the world's moved on from Conker and Banjo. As a 360 owner I didn't want nor did I ask for those games. I wish them well but they so far this gen they haven't impressed me. I hope they do.


Please enlighten me why there are so many PS3 fanboys on this thread?

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panasonic233518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

please let it be conker bad fur day 2 i would love a kameo 2

360RRODFIX3518d ago

RARE and AAA don't go together. It seems some still think that this is RARE from Nintedo time, this current RARE sucks c..k!
AAA lol, not one but two AAA lol lol

War Perfected3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Rare whipping up two more flops on the Xbox 360 this year!!

zag3518d ago

Don't worry people MS will make sure to shut down Rare 2 months before the game is complete then say it'll complete the games themselves and then decide to delay the game then after 3 months just shelf the games.

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TheColbertinator3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I lost so much faith in Rare that its hard to even trust them for a game that matches what they made during the N64 era.The only game that could renew my trust in Rare would be Jet Force Gemini 2 or a new bold mature IP that innovates not just rehashes the nostalgia.

They already killed banjo kazooie with that horrendous vehicle gameplay

heyheyhey3518d ago

lol... Rare hasn't made an AAA game since part of it broke off to form FRD (who were integral in the making of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark).... and they're somehow supposed to make an 2 AAA's in one year?

thenickel3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Well if GG can do it with there track record I'm pretty sure that true pioneers like Rare can do it as well.

pumpkinpunker3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Yeah, and FRD created that masterpiece Haze because they were so talented.

heyheyhey3518d ago

Haze was ruined by Ubisoft

oh and FRD made Timesplitters, and essentially made GoldenEye and Perfect Dark... if that's not talent, then well...


maybe they can, who knows...

Dark_Vendetta3518d ago

wtf? you know that FRD just had a few RARE devs (+ the two brothers). Everyone else stayed at RARE. I don't know why everyone thinks all the old devs left RARE.
There is still hope Perfect Dark (2?) will be good, because the old team working on the first one (it was a new one created by MS) was shut down after the first game was completed. Also there were rumours about MS swichting some bungie devs and other ones to work on a new perfect dark. Probably they're true (although they are over a year old).

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PirateThom3518d ago

When's the last time Rare had a AAA title?

Sayai jin3518d ago

According to reviews it has been a while, but this article is about two new titles coming out this year. I look forward to see what Rare has in store.

DelbertGrady3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

According to me it was with Banjo: Nuts & Bolts. Really enjoyed that game. One of my top 5 of 2008. Imo it didn't get the reception or the reviews it deserved. People judged for what it was not, instead of for what it was. Which was a great playing game once you got into it.

IaMs123518d ago

true, so its due time isnt it? Look at GG many people said they flipped Killzone series around why cant RARE do the same?

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