New Resident Evil 5 gameplay video

A new gameplay video from Resident Evil 5 featuring the chase of the zombies in motorcycles and trucks.

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ngg123453522d ago

Terreible sound effects, and voice-over. Ugh.

Reshun3522d ago

I don't know if it was the driver or Chris stating the obvious lol.

diefor3522d ago

really? I really like it. The explosions are great.

Mandaspt3522d ago

Agree with the sound quality effects but maybe its due to the quality video.

360 man3522d ago

that looks absalutely amazing

3sq3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

What the hell? The infected can ride bike and drive truck too? If they are that intelligent, why don't they just use pistols, rifles, grenades to fight Chris and Sheva? why just knives, axes and bows? This's too stupid.

XPC HARDonE3522d ago

i read a preview i forget where. the preview said that half way through the game the infected wear body armor and use machine guns. Also during that part of the game there are many context sensitive areas where you can take cover gears style.

freeman293522d ago

Looks like Resident Evil 4 :(.

Supercalifragili3522d ago

Looks like RES4 but with better graphics.

II Necroplasm II3522d ago

From what I can remember I don't remember anything like what they just showed on RE4

sealion883522d ago

So what if it looks like resident evil 4? its the "Resident Evil" series. duh....

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