Killzone 2 Under Advertised

Are the media and corporate stores biased? GFN takes a look at the lack of corporate advertising for Killzone 2 and examines the causes and effects.

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Rico_Suavez3520d ago

First day sales of Kill Zone 2 have not been released yet so no one knows if it sold well or not. Until those numbers are released then i think that's when these type of articles are welcomed.

andron3520d ago

It's more about the gaming media and their previews and hype journalism, not bashing KZ2 ads or sales.

solideagle13519d ago

well we will see what the numbers will be if we are talking about the sales but this article talks about the biased media/ advertisement etc etc.

stevenhiggster3519d ago

It is actualy a very deceptive title, the article is pretty much nothing about Killzone 2, it is a good read though and it'll make some fanboys think before flaming.

Real Gambler3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Particularly since in Canada, at least in my area, there was a Killzone "conspiration" (I'm kidding, I'm kidding! Yes, I've read the article)... So when I saw the title, I was sure it was about that!

My local walmart didn't had one Killzone until very late in the release day (one clerk told me they could not find them, even if they were showing in inventory... Guess they only got a very small box because when I came back at the end of the day, they only had a handfull on the shelf). But worst, FutureShop, one of the biggest electronic retailer in Canada didn't even advertise the Playstation THIS WEEK. (You can check yourself, the flyer is available online until friday. So forget about Killzone, or any other playstation games advertising from FutureShops. Yet, there's a full page for the Xbox and the Wii! But on the week where Killzone get released, they don't even advertise the Playstation or game itself!!! Well, at least BestBuy had them advertised and in stock. (Same owner, so, dang, here goes the end of the conspiration theory). Still very strange... I think it's time to call Fox Mulder to solve the conspiration! (now, just whistle the X-file music in your head!) : )

Sevir043519d ago

The journalism media have been good to KILLZONE 2 and Guirilla Games sans a few biased media outlets like Edge, but in terms of in store advertising. I think eitehr Sony left it up to retailers to market it or they are clearly biased. IE Gamestop, there was actually 2 that told me that the pure interest in KZ2 was so low i shouldn't even preorder it just do a walk in and get it. only to find that the night i picked up KZ2 from Gamestop they were all sold out and was only doing for those taht pre-ordered. LOL!! So there goe's the interest being low for the game...

Persoanlly i think both sony and it's retailers baised or not are undermarketing this game, whats funny though is that word on the streets and early retail chain information is claiming that KZ2 is selling exceptionally well. all over the globe. there were already 30,000 PS3 bundles sold in Poland and netherlands combinded. europe and UK sales are on teh increase and it seems that US retailers are reporting similar success. So we'll have to see. KZ should rake in about 2-3 million this month. i'm thinking the bulk of that will be form the EU?UKAUS/PAL region with the NA market ruffling up about 700k-1.5 million

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StoneySweatLeafs3520d ago

good article title might make you think differently but once you read it youll understand it

chidori6663520d ago

its only preliminary expect kz2 sells 1.5 millions in day 1

Elven63520d ago

VG Chartz should be taken with a grain of salt, they have been wrong many times in the past by a wide margin.

TheColbertinator3519d ago


Vgchartz? LMAO Sorry dude you fail

JasonPC360PS3Wii3519d ago

I have seen helghan666 and many other PS3 fans on this site scream about how VGC is "unreliable" but then use it like he is doing now. Hypocrisy runs deep on that side of the camp, like when they include all of Sony's gaming products to up numbers but exclude the DS and PC for the other sides all in the same comment.

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