Star Ocean: The Last Hope Review by GL

Space: the final frontier. Let's face it: outer space is awesome. The reality, the possibility, everything about the universe beyond our small blue planet is infinitely compelling and interesting. And the vehicle we use to traverse this great expanse of pulsars, nebulae and impenetrably dark black holes-science fiction-has infinite reach. Enter the universe of Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and prepare to take those bold first steps beyond the Oort Cloud.

To the uninitiated, the Star Ocean series occurs in a universe very-similar to that of Star Trek. You have analogous versions of the United Federation of Planets, the Prime Directive, and Vulcans. But The Last Hope is a prequel to the other three Star Ocean titles, and it takes place long before any of those exist. The story opens at the dawn of human space exploration-the protagonist, Edge Maverick, is one of the first humans to travel aboard a faster-than-light Starship. You leave Earth wholly ignorant of the great universe beyond, on a mission of discovery. Of course, this premise is entirely reminiscent of the oft-maligned Star Trek prequel, Enterprise. You're on your own out there, with no one to rely on but yourself.

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forthegamergood3519d ago

Good review, a few spelling errors but well written and it flows well.

Perjoss3519d ago

can anyone compare with Lost Odyssey? I loved that game, all except for the sometimes too far apart save locations. I'm really looking forward to playing this, but I don't think there is even a release date for europe? :(

Canary3519d ago

The voice acting really is... really, really bad.

Fortunately you can mute the voices and still hear everything else, though.

N4Sony3519d ago

It's bearable anime-rific VOs that are on par or better with anything else the genre has offered this gen except Disgaea 3, which is voiced freaking awesomely!

meepmoopmeep3519d ago

they should have included the JPN dub


i'll get this on the PS3 then.


kaironn3519d ago

Disgaea 3=amazing voice acting due to JYB. The single best voice actor ever.

Well, Steven Blum, too

N4Garbage3519d ago

Only Voice Over I have a problem with is...

Lymle and Sarah.

But the thing is people need to stop looking at this as interactions in a human universe but rather in an Anime Sense.

And for the noobs out there that haven't figured it out already....and are whining how you can't pause in a cutscene..


You know the BIG X in a circle on your controller.

Best JRPG I've played this gen so far. 38hours and still on Disc 1 Planet Roak.

For any RPG Fan this will be the best $60 you've spent in a while.

For achievement hunters it'd be smart to pick up a strategy guide.

XLiveGamer3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Damn it !

I am trying to ignore this title because i spend money on my Street Fighter 4 and Blue Dragon Plus (DS) copies for this month and you both post this !?!

@kewlkat007 Say what? Better than Lost Odyssey !? mmm i like that RPG too thats behind FF7. To all Lost Odyssey haters :p

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The story is too old to be commented.