Konami Knows Your MGS4 Trophies Need

After announcing the release of the Scene Expansion over on the Playstation Blog, Brandon Laurino (the Online Director for Konami) responded to the numerous comments gamers made requesting the release of a patch for MGS4 that would include trophies into the game. Brandon had this to say in a reply post;

"On the subject of MGS4/MGO trophies and Konami ID - we hear you. We have been circulating these issues internally, and we will report back as soon as we are able."

He makes a few other nods regarding cheaters and the moderation of the Metal Gear Online servers, so it seems like the word is finally starting to reach the upper-tiers of Konami. Only time will tell if they decide to take action.

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Beg For Mercy4380d ago

they do i will definitely play it through again.

Jamegohanssj54380d ago

This would be this only game I would play over for Trophies. I am not a trophy hunter anyway to be honest, but Metal Gear Solid 4 is so amazing.


XGRaViSmOrSX4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

i just wish it had trophies the several times ive been through it already.

but it took komani 6 months to get out a demo for the game so trophies might take a year or two. unfortunately.

i just want finding all those eastereggs to mean something

creamydingle4380d ago

Already played through it twice would surely play through again for trophies. I just wish they would get rid of the konami id for online I have never played the game online couldnt be bothered signing up lol but if it was like every other ps3 and used the psn login i would love to give online a try.

whoelse4380d ago

I have been waiting too long to play this again for the Trophies!

Come on Konami, you know it makes sense. I'm sure they would make more money from the expansions as more people would be playing.

andron4380d ago

MGS4 will continue to sell for as long as PS3 is out, so I would hope they patch in trophies. Too bad for us who got the game on launch. But I might play it again sometime.

I see they are planning to release it as Platinum, maybe a patch will come around then...

legendkilla4380d ago

i have beating this game twice now.. im just waiting for trophies to play though again!! how could it take this long???

Delive4380d ago

Add trophies and scrap the Konami ID and replace it with PSN authentication, I'll buy it again. Hell I may even buy it new to make sure the Devs get a kick in, but they should have got it right in the first place.

Venomish4380d ago

I'm waiting for :
region free online

Doppy4380d ago

I still haven't played MGO. How is it?

SaiyanFury4380d ago

Maybe I'm one of the few here, but I don't need a game to have trophies to enjoy it. I've been through MGS4 like 6 times. I enjoy it every time, and I've never said to myself, "this would be so much better with trophies". No doubt a plethora of people will disagree with me, but I think trophies are unnecessary when it comes to enjoying a game. I guess it just gives people a bit more incentive to keep playing a game they've finished.

meepmoopmeep4380d ago

no, i agree Sai

i don't care for trophies that much, but MGS4 is one of my fav games
that and Valkyria

and i'd love to have trophies for them.

they're great games regardless
and i'll replay them many, many times regardless.

trophies would just be gravy that's all.

GarandShooter4380d ago


I don't think it's different than replaying to try to earn all the emblems, other than trophies being integrated into the PS3 experience as opposed to just the MGS4 experience. I do agree, that they aren't necessary to enjoy a game and I won't play a god-awful game just to boost my trophy count.

I like trophies, however I am not a trophy whore.

ThanatosDMC4380d ago

I bet they'll have funny trophies... like, watch the guy pee and you get a trophy.

Megaton4380d ago

I've already played through it about a dozen times, but I've put off struggling my way through The Boss Extreme in the hopes of a trophy patch so I wouldn't have to do it again.

SlyGuy4380d ago

Because of trophies, I have found myself going back to games and trying them in NEW ways. Also, trying NEW things in games. They have made most games more fun overall.

However, those trophies that require 'grinding', I could care less about 'em cus they don't add any fun factor. For e.g. collecting all diamonds in fc2.

rockleex4380d ago

They're taking so long because they're too busy working on ZOE3 or a remake of Snatcher/Policenauts! >_<

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LarVanian4380d ago

Knowing Kojima he would probably make a trophy where you have to play the entire game walking backwards lol.

Handsome_Devil4380d ago

LOL,, you just made my day :D

+bubble for the laugh

SevWolf4380d ago

Lol, Bubbles.......

What makes that funny is that I have a feeling that might be true....lmao

theEnemy4380d ago

He will indeed put some crazy way of earning a trophy or two there.

But the Platinum is what I'm after.

It will probably be earning the "Big Boss Emblem" or collecting all Emblems.

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-EvoAnubis-4380d ago

That game is nearly a year old. I loved MGS4, but I don't see myself playing it again anytime soon.

SAiOSiN4380d ago

hell i play it regularly once a month just because lol. trophies are a bonus.

rhood0224380d ago

I played through the game 3 times but I've held off going for the Big Boss award until trophies are released. I would happily play through it several more times to get those trophies--probably one of the few games I'd do that for.

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