Guerrilla: "We Had Better Pull This One Off"

GOONL!NE: "Killzone 2 is finally here but it did suffer through that controversial trailer at E3 2005 quite alot. Guerrilla Games have said the trailer has provided them with inspiration to make the game not only be so good but look so good too.

But what if your were up against it after that trailer? Well, according to Managing Director of Guerrilla Games, Hermen Hurst, they needed to pull this one off."

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HDDVD183517d ago

since KZ2 is the best fps ever

u just have to remember that

not only is it the best looking game on consoles but also the best playing

the SP and MP modes of KZ2 are just pure gold

Pennywise3516d ago

They pulled it off just right.

Capt CHAOS3516d ago

"..since KZ2 is the best fps ever.."

I presume that's why it's the highest rated FPS of all time /sarcasm.

Mann, you must have played some pretty naff FPSs in your life, either that or you're a kid and just started playing FPSs.

Pennywise3516d ago

Chaos... is it that hard to believe that people really like KZ2?

Its probably a stretch to call it the BEST FPS of all time, but from my experience this weekend, it is the best fps I have played on consoles.

My fav. FPS of all time is Counter Strike... but we will see how that holds up with KZ. I dont see it having the stay power of CS, but only time will tell!

SuperM3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

U know games have evolved alot. KZ2 is certainly much better then games like the original doom and halflife, but since the bar has been raised its not going to get better scores. But i certainly dont see any FPS currently on the market that is better then KZ2, so i guess that makes KZ2 the best FPS, atleast until something better comes out

Orange3516d ago

I was disappointed in the character models (except Radec...but Evelyn looked terrible)...but the environments were fantastic. Critics argue KZ2 doesn't innovate, but graphically, I've never seen anything done like this. Love the level in the barren wastelands, with the wind whipping up the dust. Very cool.

iHEARTboobs3516d ago

but it is beautiful. The story isn't bad like some reviewers were saying. I like it. The opening cinematic is amazing. I love just stopping every once in a while to look around. They did amazing work on these levels.

ThanatosDMC3516d ago

Good thing they didnt go the way of Haze. Remember how much Haze developers bragged about the awesomeness of their game. Then to play it and find it mediocre.

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cryymoar3516d ago

should win sooo many awards.
-Best Graphics of 2009
-Best FPS Game 2009 [We'll see how COD4:MW2 plays out]
-Best Loading Screens
-Best Credits

BTW, i'm still in awe over the credits. Guerrilla Games even made the music for it! Drum & Bass FTW!

OldParr3516d ago

i dont think is the best FPS ever but it sure is mad fun!!!

knightoftears3516d ago

I believe they did what they needed to do with KZ2. Nobody can argue that is it ONE OF (for you fanboys so you don't pee your pants while crying) the best FPS games of all time. The game is amazingly beautiful, the controls are excellent once you get use to them, and the campaign and MP are just awesome!!!! What more could you want in a FPS?

ChozenWoan3516d ago

Just completed the campaign and Loved every min of it... even dying in KS2 gets you pumped up to get back into the game. Seeing the Hegs standing over your body cheering just pisses you off to the point that you gotta get some revenge. This rush just puts you into the heat of the battle like few games can these days.

Yes, GG pulled through and delivered the goods with this one.

cryymoar3516d ago

the SP is awesome!
And the Helghasts are damn difficult, even on Veteran!
There really isn't much of a story but I still feel like i'm in a war!

iHEARTboobs3516d ago

I love their AI. I love how they sometimes try to squeeze behind barrels and other cover when you're unloading your gun at them.

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