Radio Free Nintendo: Episode 135

Another week in the gaming life of the RFN crew sees Jonny finish Retro Game Challenge and start Stubbs the Zombie; James hates Soul Calibur 4 slightly less, while Lindy suffers through The Last Ninja and seems bemused by Onslaught. Across the Atlantic, Greg happened upon a copy of Metroid II and sought out armed conflict with mecha-marine life in Super Darius II on the Japanese Virtual Console.

It's weird how many game announcements were made during February, and NWR spends some time talking up the latest batch: Excitebots, The Legendary Starfy, Punch-Out's release date, MotionPlus and the curious silence around Wii Sports Resort, and the Classic Controller PRO.

After the break, it's time for your letters on cross-platform online play, the surprise success of Wii, second-hand downloadable games, and violence in Mad World (and beyond).

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