Daily Joypad: Rise of the Argonauts Review

It is not often that Greek Mythology is used in games, but Daily Joypad can assure you that what Liquid Entertainment have created here is both compelling and a breath of fresh air. OK the game isn't perfect and it does have a few technical hiccups, but then so did Knights of the Old Republic and look how popular that was!

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DelbertGrady3516d ago

This game is utter crap. Check some more reviews or rent it before you go out and buy it.

SpoonyRedMage3516d ago

Well I'm not too sure because a lot of people rated it as if it were a hack n slash game and said it can't stand up to DMC or God of War but it's an RPG not a Hack n Slash game so it ma be at least a bit underrated.

DelbertGrady3516d ago

Have you played it? Unfortunately I have. I dare you to give it a try ;)

SpoonyRedMage3516d ago

No I haven't and obviously you based it off your experience I was just pointing out that it was being judged as a genre it wasn't in some reviews.

DelbertGrady3516d ago

That's true. Imo Banjo: Nuts & Bolts was also being judged for what it wasn't, instead of for what it was. Which was a great playing game =)

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