NowGamer: Red Faction: Guerilla Preview


"As the war rages on between the guerrillas and the EDF, impromptu battles expand the realms of possibility. Attending to your allies opens up certain benefi ts that ignoring them won't. Such a dynamic also comes into play with the reignited Geo-Modding. Kennedy explains, "Our game has real physics, so when you get in a vehicle the game uses mass and velocity. If you're heavy enough and you hit a wall you're going to break through it just like you would in real life." It seems rather than follow the template many have done in the past, Volition wants to present a setting that is so heavily based on the advanced engine (the architecture is built to collapse like an actual structure), you may end up obliterating a building without even meaning to. This annihilation element is constantly present to provide a unique gameplay experience rather than a throwaway extra. It can even hinder your progress if you don't have the right foresight. Smashing a bridge to a wreck of rubble may provide a spot of entertainment, but you may regret your handiwork when the confl ict asks you to reach the other side of the map."

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