Project Offset falls into silence - Official site password protected...

Project Offset is one of the most promising new franchises/engines to come out of the gaming industry in the past several years. It looks to have the makings of a major hit, despite having a development group of only a few more than a dozen individuals. It started out as an idea to create an engine that allowed a small, finance-strapped team to create a blockbuster-caliber product and it eventually turned into not only the fruition of that idea, but the development of the first game to use the engine as well.

The game has only been confirmed for the PC, but it has been said by some that it would be coming to both the PS3 and 360 due to the hiring of PS3 and 360 developers.

Project Offset has recently found a Publisher but has failed to confirm who this is. They have now closed off access to their official site, which begs the question, what are they going to announce? Who is their publisher? What is the game going to be called? And most importantly what platforms will this promising game come to apart from the PC?


The site is back up. There don't seem to be any updates. So twas all a bit of fuss about nothing.

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Violater6041d ago (Edited 6041d ago )

of rumors, rather not hear about it till its confirmed.
To many good games that want to steal my college savings.

fenderputty6041d ago

I've been watching this game for at least a year now. Hopefully they will announce all the info.

As far as I know, the only thing it's been confirmed on is the PC. Not even the 360 has been confirmed by the dev from what I understand. THis is acutally one game that I hope goes multiplat.

Yo Wassap6041d ago

Actually before this their website said that it was coming to the 360, their plans may have changed though to include the PS3 or exclude consoles as far as i know.

xrobbanx6041d ago

This is pure speculatation could be nintendo for alla that we know

m91058266041d ago (Edited 6041d ago )

Yay! I tipped this article... they certainly butchered the title though... I didn't say anything about the PS3, that's just a thread I keep up over at PS3Forums where I posted about the password protection.

techie6041d ago (Edited 6041d ago )

yes you did...and you wrote the article too. Where is this infor about ps3 coming from. I was reticent to post this...cause your article doesn't really have any sources...

that better?

m91058266041d ago (Edited 6041d ago )

Yeah, I didn't say anything specific about the PS3 in my tip though, I clicked PS3, 360, and PC for relevant areas. I just happened to add the info in my thread over at PS3Forums, and used that for the reference URL. As for sources... try the site yourself... it's definitely password protected. The rest of the PS3 stuff is just because it's over at PS3Forums. If you find a source that has nothing to do with any one system over another, by all means change the source to that. Sorry for the confusion, I didn't think it'd actually post my whole thread here. It would be better if you changed the part in this article where is says

"*UPDATE* apparently it has been confirmed (?) that Project Offset WILL be coming to PS3. Something about their hiring a PS3 developer and looking for a 360 dev? "

to the most recent Update in the thread, which talks about the password protection. Or just deleting that part from what is displayed here altogether would seem to be a fine solution.

UrbanJabroni6041d ago

"*UPDATE* apparently it has been confirmed (?) that Project Offset WILL be coming to PS3. Something about their hiring a PS3 developer and looking for a 360 dev? "

Show me the source please. A credible, AAA, honest-to-God source.

NewZealander6041d ago

still only said they are looking for people to help develop the 360 version, said nothing at all about a ps3 version so i bet that wont happen, microsoft studios are probably publishing the game

m91058266041d ago

That's a lot better now. It flows much better as an article.

techie6041d ago

Cool. I apologise for the colloquial use of "begs the question"...I haven;t used it as it should be technically used...but I think it reads alright.