Nintendo: Marketing to New Generations

Nintendo of America's VP of marketing and corporate affairs Perrin Kaplan has been talking about the firm's Touch Generations campaign.

The company has launched an umbrella campaign for its $20 line-up of puzzle and brain-teaser titles such as Sudoku Gridmaster and Brain Age. The creative features traditional non-gamers such as older women, enjoying playing DS games.

In an interview with Business Week, she said, "It was really important to let people know these are pick-up-and-play games. Rather than launch different ad campaigns for each title and hope consumers would see how they might be related, we wanted to frame the games as something more than a one-off game for your mother."

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Marriot VP6186d ago

sorry still not for me. Blurry and innaccurate aiming isn't for me. Non HD too. Tiring to play with after 20 minutes.

no thanks

Killswitch6186d ago

For people in my stands we love Nintendo for what they created a true gaming system not the same old controler but something down right creative. Old systems are tiring

mikeeno76185d ago

marketing to new generations, yet marketing the same old games. Hmmmm...