Nintendo responds to PS3 Home

Following Sony's announcement of its new online community software, PS Home, Nintendo has gone on the offensive, deeming the service "an example of Sony's 'Mii-too' approach."

When asked of the company's thoughts on Sony's online plans, Nintendo told CVG: "This is an example of Sony's "Mii-too" approach. But as Mr. Miyamoto states, Nintendo years ago considered and rejected the type of approach Sony is now taking", presumably referring to creating a virtual online world.

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MikeGdaGod4642d ago

them sounds like fightin words

MikeMichaels4642d ago (Edited 4642d ago )

...but it's obvious something this far along and this complex has been in the making for a "VERY" long time. Far before Nintendo ever announced Mii's, anything about it's online plans or even the Wii remote itself.

Sony did good on this one and they should be good sports about it in typical Nintendo style.

cuco334642d ago

last i checked ninty had the wiimote concept in development even before the gamecube, didn't launch it with gc because it was no where near ready.
i'll definately give praise to sony on the home approach but will recognize that all they did was take concepts and tidbits from current social entertainment (second life, mii, achievements, etc) packing it into one social network. home hasn't been launched yet, nor has it had to experience multiple consoles live with various connection pings. who's to say ps:home will do it flawlessly or tank so bad that frustrations supersede the enjoyment of the ps:home concept? we'll see when it launches, and we'll see whatever ms & ninty does as well. all this competition is good for the consumer regardless of how PR people dish out their +/-.

deathtok4642d ago

I don't think Nintendo comes off well with these comments. Miyamoto says "Nintendo years ago considered and rejected the type of approach Sony is now taking." Sounds like sour grapes.

Juevani4642d ago

"Nintendo years ago considered and rejected the type of approach Sony is now taking." ahnn, this is like sayin who cares about consumers..

Lucidmantra4642d ago

I guess I fully understand now why the people of this site have limited you to one bubble. I was reserving my judgement because i like to give people the benefit of the doubt but after reading other comments I would say even 1 bubble might be a little to much.

Balance4642d ago

i don't think these comments sound bad. he is just saying they looked into it and decided it wasn't worth doing ($$$) or the hassle of dealing with what it will become.

StateofMind4642d ago

I don't think anyone should care what Nintendo thinks about online gaming. Look at what they have going now; a terrible service on the DS and none at all on the Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.