Boomtown Review: Killzone 2 (Updated)

Boomtown writes: "Since we first went live with this review we've had a chance to spend plenty of time with the game's multiplayer offerings. They are just as strong as the single-player game and deserving of the same high score we originally game - so the score below stands.

Killzone 2 is a very well rounded title with plenty of action and to admire in both single and multi-player scenarios. And the option of bot-matches is very welcome, especially for those who don't play online but want a taste of the more competitive elements of Killzone 2."

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XtreemGamer3516d ago

"They are just as strong as the single-player game and deserving of the same high score we originally game"
What high score?? 8/10 is a high score?? Stupid xbot fanboy site...

G-DOG3516d ago

freakin bring custom control layout scheme please. Also what the heck is it that u cant invite friends to a game. All u can do is join a game and dats crap. I know u can create a game but it would be nice that after that u could invite plp or have a dam lobby that u wait in and invite ur friends then from there choose a game king of like call of duty. F*#K man are these freakin features that hard to input in a game. what crap. along with me plenty of buddies on my psn list want this. I HAVE A BUDDY ON MY LIST THAT HAS ONE ARM, YES ONE ARM HIS LEFT. He likeS to not only switch 2 a lefty style layout but to change around the buttons cus it helps him since he only has one arm, his left arm. but cus the idiots at GG only give u a few options and dont let u customize the control layout he dicided not 2 play it at all cus its to dam hard 4 him. I ask y the F&#K NOT HAV IT. Its beyond me why this and the in game friends invite dont exsist. DUMB AZ GG FIX THESE 2 THINGS DAM IT!

WildArmed3516d ago

this guy must be stupid of something if he called K2's level design bad.. its one of the best i've seen.

But, 8/10 is a pretty good score.
Im not saying he gave a bad score, just saying that his opinion is wrong (lol... opinions can be wrong? think about Nazi and Germany)