Hollywood Chicago Review: Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

Hollywood Chicago writes: " For an entire generation of gamers, Sega's "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection" is going to be insanely addictive flashback machine, a disc that opens a window to countless hours spent in front of games like "Sonic the Hedgehog," "Altered Beast," "Golden Axe," and "Phantasy Star" and brings them kicking and screaming to the world of HD and trophies on the PS3.

"Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection" includes an amazing 40 Sega Genesis titles and nine Sega Master System and arcade games on one disc at a purchase price just under $30. It's a title that hasn't garnered a lot of headlines and won't rock the gaming world like the upcoming "Killzone 2" and "Resident Evil 5" have the potential to do, but you won't find a much better value all year long."

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