World 1-1 Review: Operation Anchorage

World 1-1 writes: "When Fallout 3 came out on the PC, extra content couldn't be far behind. Sure enough, Bethesda announced no less than three mini-expansions to keep players wandering the wastes in search of adventure. Operation Anchorage would be the first in, but it would also be a further test of how much PC players were willing to put up with Microsoft's Live service under their Games for Windows banner.

As Fallout 3 players know, the game loads the Live client on the PC, the new standard by which Microsoft wants to deliver game content, updates, and other neat things in that space the same way that their Xbox 360 console audience is locked into. The concept sounds great on paper, but its rough history on the PCs has rubbed more than a few players the wrong way."

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