Killzone 2:Guerrilla Games Overcame the Odds


"Killzone 2 is finally here, Sony's Behemoth exclusive First Person Shooter has been released and is reported to be selling out everywhere, it is easily the best PS3 FPS, and in my opinion the best FPS released since Half Life 2. But the story wasn't always this happy..."

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ChampIDC3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

So if nobody had hopes for this game, where are all the fans on this site that would defend the game to death? Sure, maybe the media was skeptical, but the fans sure weren't (minus 360 fanboys). Fans are all that matter in the end anyway. The media doesn't buy the game, we do.

Maybe it overcame the odds by some of the media's expectations, but the game is what fans expected.

wolf13063520d ago

for some people i think it is hard to be civilized, killzone is by far the best game to date , PRONTOOOOOO.

Foxgod3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

What odds ?
Everybody was expecting this game to do very well, it was hyped like crazy.

Overcoming odds means, if its expected that you will do bad, and it turns out you did good instead.

That can hardly be applied to this situation....

heyheyhey3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

the original Killzone...


And the original killzone didnt do anything off the expectations that people had for this game. "

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAH AHA... man your waaaay dumber than i thought

you'd think the masses of people and articles going "well the original sucked, so i have reservations about this one" would have relayed the message to your seemingly impenetrable brain, but apparently they didn't

we only KNEW KZ2 would pwn come E3 2007 or so, even then lots of people were tentative..

Cajun Chicken3520d ago

The usual odds like the majority of PS3 exclusives being ignored by pretty much all the media even when they do great feats and keep gameplay Uncharted.

Foxgod3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

really, then why are those ps3 exclusives reviewed on every major site, and getting good scores ?

And the original killzone didnt do anything off the expectations that people had for this game.

Edit: and indeed, the original KZ scored 8+, aka decent game, and since day one that kz2 was shown, ps3 fans have been acting like its the second coming of Christ, since they have treated the game this way, nobody was expecting kz2 to flop, even tho kz1 wasnt so strong as part 2.

DJ3520d ago

"Everybody was expecting this game to do very well"

I could probably list a billion articles saying things like:
-"Sure the graphics look good, but what about the gameplay?"
-"Doesn't live up to the original trailer"
-"Not innovative enough"
-"Too gray"
-"Just another FPS"

The complaints just when on and on for three years straight. It wasn't until the review build of Killzone 2 was released that suddenly every single critic (even those from 360 review sites) said "Wow, this is the defining FPS Title of this generation."

Foxgod3520d ago

yeah. 1 negatvie kz2 article every 10 positive ones.
Are you ps3 fans now trying to convince me that it was an underdog after it got praised to the moon ?

heyheyhey3520d ago

yes, at a point in time it was the underdog.. that point in time was it's announcement and the couple years following... NO-ONE believed it could live up to visuals in the CGI trailer, let alone surpass them (like it did)- and people had claimed the game would suck based on their opinion about the original

so yes, a few years ago.. KZ2 was a serious underdog..

Foxgod3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Yeah, i remember when they released to target renderd and the crowd went AW GAWD, THAT LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER THEN THE 360, THE 360 CANT PULL OFF THOSE ELITE GFX, A GAWD A GAWD.

that certainly made it an underdog from day 1.

Ofcourse by now the 360 shows the same gfx with its own line up, but thats another story.

solidt123520d ago

Many people who don't own a PS3 for some reason wanted this game to fail. Too bad, its the best FPS ever released. I am getting close to the end and it so intense. The AI just gets better better each level for the enemies. If you don't buy this game just quit gaming because this is what everyone has been wanting in a first person shooter.

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heyheyhey3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

sure did... am i surprised?

not really, GG showed potential even with the disappointing first game.. then more-so with the great PSP game, and now they're a valuable asset in Sony's arsenal... oh and Killzone 2 is AWESOME!!!


i know man, i kept telling haters there was a reason Sony bought GG even after Killzone, they didn't listen... but who has the last laugh now?

-EvoAnubis-3520d ago

Why do you think Sony bought them? They saw the potential before anyone else did. I have no idea how they saw it given their previous games at that point, but they saw it.

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