Conspiracy Theories: GTA IV Delay Reason

Every time there is a delay in the games release there is guaranteed to be rumours and conspiracy theories behind the reasons for the delay.

So what happens when one of the most anticipated releases of this generation so far was delayed, undoubtedly the conspiracy theories started to surface; but with this game being a massive title it deserved more than one theory. So the game was provided with four. This article with cover the four conspiracy theories behind the games delay...

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Johandevries3518d ago

''Conspiracy Theory 4: It was never going to make the date''

mrwiggles3518d ago

that's what they want you to believe

Cajun Chicken3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Both 'exclusive' DLC 'episodes' and GTAIV story mode were due to be the same game, same city, same time scale, different perspectives. Much like selecting one of 3 criminals in GTA1.

Rockstar needed more funding than intended and had to fund the rest of the game and had to dismantle the true vision by ripping apart the game into three parts because Sony had spent more money on the production of first party games and technology unlike the 360 and MS offered that the full game would be made, but with a catch; 2 parts of the game would be removed from the retail game for temporary exclusivity on 360 because it couldn't fit on DVD9.

This then meant that the target date for GTAIV was shortened down to 2008 instead of 2009/2010 and the full game with the DLC episodes will be seen in a collectors edition on both systems in the next two years as the true GTAIV experience as it was designed with all three perspectives in the same timeline.