ITReviewed: Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Review

ITReviewed writes: "It seems that the popularity of the Internet on-the-go and social networking sites like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook, we're all looking for gadgets that let us stay communicated 24/7. The problem with a laptop is that they're generally too large, heavy and pricey to take everywhere with us. In addition, battery live isn't that great. That's where netbooks come in.

Netbooks are smaller and more portable than laptops - the screen sizes range from 7- to 12 inches - and they tend to use lower power processors such as Intel's Atom or Via's C7 in order to maximise battery life. Sure they don't have an optical drive (you will need to attach an external drive), but they are chiefly intended for light computer work such as browsing the Web, cloud computing (using online web services such as Windows Live Mesh, Google Docs etc), checking e-mail, and word processing; they aren't up to heavy video editing, photographic work or gaming. At the higher end, however, they begin to compare unfavourably with standard laptops in terms of price and features."

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