BuzzFocus: The Conduit Developer Interview

BuzzFocus caught up with Kerry J. Ganofsky, CEO/Founder of High Voltage, and Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer at High Voltage, to discuss this original release.

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TruthbeTold3518d ago

I wish there was more out there to keep this game in the limelight.

addnewman3518d ago

yeah like i would love for them to speak about those conduit exclusive online game modes which they have constantly been teasing about in video interviews

hatchimatchi3518d ago

i dont know if im going to buy it cause i dont play my wii much but ill definitely rent it. Hopefully it sells really well and helps motivate other developers to put more time and effort into their wii games.

Gr813518d ago

This was particularly telling "We looked at the Wii and the decision we made to actually go with the Wii when a lot of other people were considering the 20 million plus projects on the PS3. We looked at the landscape and said how is this product ever going to recoup? How are we going to make money, what’s the risk reward paradigm there? When you look at the Wii, and look at how many units are out there, and you look at the input device you say, “Wow this truly is something special.” And, it’s an underserved market. We made a conscious effort to make a Triple-A project. I think that’s every developers dream. Everything we’ve learned in sixteen years has come to fruition in that project."

FinalomegaS3517d ago

"Now that I’ve been playing the Wii so long, when I go back to FPS on other consoles it feels like I’m washing my clothes on rocks. It feels so unintuitive and cumbersome."

I just had to nod and say, yup that's exactly how I feel.

addnewman3518d ago

the reason you dont play your wii much must be because you dont have any triple A games on it to play so if you get this game you will have a reason to play your wii and if you want this game to be successful and for other developers to see this success and actually make good games then you will support this game and buy it these guys deserve it for all the work they have gone through and effort they have put in to make this game

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The story is too old to be commented.