Donkey Kong?

One could easily make a case to sue Nintendo for animal abuse. Abusing a gorilla, that is. The same one that essentially got Nintendo's big start into gaming, along with a fellow named "Jumpman". So, this ape, humorously named Donkey Kong, has had a long history with the Big N. Where is he, anyways?

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Shnazzyone3522d ago

i understand his love of dk... but he's forgetting huge bits of love nintendo has shown the freanchise. what about march of the minis? or the donkey kong on GB plus that wierd l n r button game on gba which wasn't too terrible. I think kong is best for platformer puzzle games. plus dk 64 (while loaded with extras) was a subpar 3-d platformer. I can't imagine myself picking it up again.

lord_of_balrogs3522d ago

Are you kidding? Donkey Kong 64 is one of my all time favorite platformers.